Whether you are a seasoned collector or just setting out on this exciting path – make a date to join us in Windsor, Surrey, Newbury and Harrogate this year.

Everyone is welcome to come along and explore the exciting works on display. The atmosphere is relaxed, this is the place to get to know the artists, and there is no pressure to buy – although most visitors do find a unique piece (or two!) that they fall in love with.

There are also workshops, painting demonstrations, interactive art and a children’s Art Quest. This is your time to allow yourself several hours to really appreciate everything there is to see. Many visitors make a full, fun, art-filled day of it.

Whether you are a new home owner looking for something unique, an interior designer answering a client’s brief, a business owner wanting an artistic talking point for the office, or a collector looking for that something special, come along and discover what contemporary art is all about. We’re sure you’ll find an original piece with real ‘wow’ factor.


Every Art Collector approaches their Collection differently. Some Art Collectors are strictly interested in value, while others are building a collection with artists they can be involved with. Some are spontaneous or unpredictable, While some pride themselves on finding new talent, and others are steady and practical, or just want to feel like they are home when they open the front door.



Contemporary Art Fairs aren’t just for collectors and connoisseurs. They’re for everyone, of any age, background or level of knowledge about art. The atmosphere is so welcoming, friendly and relaxed   you’ll feel at home right away.

They are a great place to fall in love with art – in your own time and on your own terms. Browse the many stands and you’ll discover each artists’ unique style. And as you browse, you’ll begin to learn what most appeals to you and perhaps you will kick-start a life-time passion for art.

Don’t worry if you’ve never bought art before, go with what your eye is telling you. You want to look at art on your wall that keeps inspiring you.


We understand your desire to discover works by new and established artists. Contemporary Art Fairs are where artists and art lovers can meet face to face. To browse, to talk, to admire and to buy.

We bring you together with work by local, regional and international fine artists, printmakers, photographers, sculptors and ceramicists. Established and emerging artists and selected galleries will be there to talk to you about their work.

Our purpose has always been to champion the most desirable artists working in the UK and Europe today and to foster relationships between artists and buyers in a friendly and professional setting.

Look for art that moves you, that makes you feel something. Take a good luck at what art is around before you buy, and that is where art fairs come into their own. You have quality and choice and at Contemporary Art Fairs you have the extra excitement of contact with the artists


Often, new and emerging artists show their work for the first time at art fairs, exhibiting side-by-side with established talent. Enjoy the thrill of discovering a future star. The art world is like any other market, it lives on what’s happening today and it hunts for what will happen tomorrow.

Why not consider commissioning an artist to create a unique piece? Working closely with an artist to collaborate on a work allows both the artist and the buyer to be immersed in a personal, creative process.

Are you searching for that original piece of art that lets you create a unique look at home or the office and broaden your collection, Contemporary Art Fairs puts you in the room with the chance to find that piece that really impresses you.

Think of the Windsor, Surrey and Newbury Art Contemporary Art Fairs as part of an art lover’s guide to the contemporary art scene, no matter which sort of art buyer you are. Remember the French philosopher Jean Baudrillard said “What you really collect is yourself”.

We look forward to welcoming you!