Alma Tipon

Alma Tipon is an Abstract Impressionist. Most of her works are inspired by land and seascapes and rather than producing a literal interpretation, she aims to convey the atmospheric vibe and mood of a scene. Alma loves experimenting with all types of materials to convey elements of nature. Her paintings undergo multi-layering and scraping processes, and being immersed in a moment of inner connection. Her artistry involves not a lot of planning but comes from the natural flow of creativity.

Artwork by Alma Tipon

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  • Blazing Sun

  • Ocean Waves II

  • Arabesque

  • Cresta De Gallo

  • Diamond Bay

  • Isola Bella

  • KOI

  • Midnight Shore

  • Moss Green

  • Purple Sunset

  • Storm Clouds Gathering

  • Treasure Hunting

  • Verde Aqua

  • Wild Star II

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