Andi Theokle

My Inspiration: Beauty. Experiencing it, translating it, being surrounded by it. Man-made or natural, there is beauty everywhere. The core of creation is the majestic force of nature. Firmament and Sky. Water: powerful, fascinating, calming... my escape. Sky: natures natural canvas , a purity of colours, where natures fire and light can rise and set. The forever changing canvas. A world of beauty, if you choose to see it.

Artwork by Andi Theokle

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  • african gold

  • big ben at dusk

  • blackbirds over london

  • blue camelia

  • blue rose

  • dusky rose

  • faccini sky 1

  • faccini sky 2

  • hartwell

  • london sky

  • majestic sky

  • passionate sky

  • roses are red

  • serenity 2

  • violets are blue

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