Dr Martin Raskovsky

Raskovsky’s creative genius, an outstanding innovation to photographic art. A refined vision transforming photography into post-impressionistic masterpieces. Creates movement that vibrates all the nuances of a wild and rampant nature. Rich imaginative able to relieve viewers from accepted norms of photographic art and as a consequence, he opens our minds.

Artwork by Dr Martin Raskovsky

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  • Blue Roof

  • Dancing Creatures

  • Dancing Waves

  • Deep Lane

  • Ermintrude II

  • Foggy Walk II

  • Holywell Bay Dancing Birds

  • Holywell Bay The Director

  • Mermaid II

  • Orange Sunset II

  • Purple Reflection

  • Seduction Game

  • Ship Wreck I

  • Tranquility Breeze

  • Wave Set I

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