J Suyi Studio

J Suyi’s creations stem from her emotions, instincts, culture, environment and a quest to explore deeper philosophical questions about humanity and existence. She intuitively improvises with mixed materials, bright colours and metallic pigments, creating textured audacious abstracts, ranging from small to large scale works using expressive strokes and different markings.

Artwork by J Suyi Studio

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  • Akoko Embracing Change

  • Big Love

  • Freedom to Bloom I

  • Freedom to Bloom II

  • Hunting for Gold I

  • Hunting for Gold II

  • Hunting for Gold III

  • Owambe Peach

  • Rise 1

  • Rise 2

  • Thoughts at 3AM

  • To Love

  • Tree of Life

  • Trusting the Flow of Life

  • You Make me Shimmer

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