Lizzie Perkins

Lizzie Perkins is a printmaker who draws inspiration from wildlife in the environment. Her design originals are all achieved through hand-cut paper stencils – one for each colour laid down via the mesh of a screen in a process repeated until all colours are in place. Each design is limited to a very small edition.

Artwork by Lizzie Perkins

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  • Albatross & Gulls

  • Cool Running

  • Ewelme Sheep

  • Feathered Thing

  • Feathers & Light

  • Flocks by Night

  • Magellanics

  • Nocturnal

  • On Patrol

  • Oystercatchers

  • Puffin Love-In

  • Rockhoppers

  • Storm Petrels

  • Valais Black-nosed Sheep

  • Zebra Dazzle

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