Lorraine Somersall-Weekes

Lorraine (@lorribethdesigns) is a Surrey based abstract artist who uses acrylic, mixed media and macro photography to create emotional, textured pieces. Passionate about human behaviour, relationships and nature, her paintings evoke feelings of life’s undercurrents, elements and layers. Included in this virtual fair are pieces from her old style (The Elements) transitioning to her new and current style (Journey of an abstract orchid series) She has created many commissioned works that reside privately worldwide.

Artwork by Lorraine Somersall-Weekes

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  • Blue undercurrent

  • Day at the market

  • Horizon above undercurrent

  • Journey of an abstract orchid III

  • Journey of an abstract orchid VI

  • Journey of an abstract orchid VIII

  • Lets stay indoors 1&2

  • Orange fire

  • Textured monochrome

  • The elements – Air

  • The elements – Earth

  • The elements – Fire

  • The elements – Water

  • Underworld 1&2

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