Nina Mankin

Nina Mankin is a mixed-media London based artist, working within the medium of sculptural installation, print, drawing and collage.

Collecting & sourcing found objects is at the core of her practice. Fascinated by the sense of presence of objects; the personalities they take on, absorbing something of their owners, and the displacement of the familiar & everyday, becomes something... Other.

Her drawings pose questions that explore the psychology & relationship of these objects. What do they represent? Familiarity? Security? Absence? Loneliness? Memories? Conversations?

She plays with the negative spaces between, their shadows, flatness and inaccurate perspective, as though they don’t really exist in reality

Artwork by Nina Mankin

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  • Cat’s Cradle Is for Sisies (Blue)

  • Cat’s Cradle Is for Sisies (Sepia)

  • Cheese Plant

  • Cheese Plant in Striped Pot

  • In the Night Kitchen

  • Madeleine’s Flea Market Vase

  • Objects & Their Shadows (Yellow Ochre)

  • Pink Plants on Tablecloth

  • Plant & Whisk

  • Plant on Turquoise Table

  • Plants in the Kitchen

  • Scissors & Whisk

  • Show us ‘Yer Feathers!

  • The Lines of a Plant & It’s pot

  • The Plant in the Night Kitchen

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