Sarah Frankel

I live in Windsor and love our beautiful town. I have drawn a number of original pieces from Windsor and the local area and also have a small selection of limited prints from my drawings of Windsor Castle.

I also accept commissions and draw local homes, offices and shops. Please do not hesitate to contact me!

Artwork by Sarah Frankel

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  • Cambridge Gate, Windsor Castle

  • Edward III Tower, Windsor Castle

  • Holy Trinity Garrison Church, Windsor

  • King Henry VIII Gate (front view), Windsor Castle, Windsor

  • King Henry VIII Gate, Windsor Castle, Windsor

  • Millar’s Eatery, Windsor

  • St George’s Gate, Windsor Castle

  • The Corner House, Windsor

  • The Eton Mess, Eton

  • The Round Tower, Windsor Castle

  • The Two Brewers, Windsor

  • Upper Ward, Windsor Castle

  • Windsor Parish Church St John The Baptist, Windsor

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