Sarah Simonds-Gooding

With a background in graphic design, Sarah’s art has an orderly feel. She adores pattern and looking at things from a different perspective. Her work has a repetitive nature and evolves from a simple idea or theme that is then reproduced into small individual images that are grouped together creating a final piece of work.

Artwork by Sarah Simonds-Gooding

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  • A little post of love

  • A pair of pears

  • Best Friends

  • Ebb & Flow (i)

  • Ebb & Flow (ii)

  • Ebb & Flow (iii)

  • Gone fishing

  • Layer on Layer (i)

  • Layer on Layer (ii)

  • Layer on Layer (iii)

  • Little jug of flowers

  • Riverside foliage

  • Water’s edge (i)

  • Water’s edge (ii)

  • Wild swimming

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