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Dear visitors, 

A very warm welcome to the ‘charity’ section of this Virtual Art Fair!

Since 2005, The Prince’s Trust has worked closely with the Contemporary Art Fairs in the south of England. 

Four times a year we ask the artists if they might donate a small canvas; we then sell those to raise funds for The Prince’s Trust.

Over the intervening years, receiving some 2,400 canvases, we have raised over £85,000!

The Prince’s Trust is 44 years old, and has supported, in a practical way, over one million young people, aged 13 -19, who just need a break, to help them move on with their lives.

It is indeed, the largest youth charity in the UK, achieving some amazing results!

Please look at our website:

Our thanks to Loxley, all the artists for their donations and you for, hopefully, buying a picture.

All good wishes 

Alison Mihail , The Princes Trust


Artwork by The Princes Trust

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  • Abbie McMurray – Panther

  • SOLD!

    Live Event – Frances Ackland-Snow

  • Sara Vertigan – In The Afternoon

  • Alexander Korzer-Robinson – Spectacle

  • Brilliant Brushstrokes – Daydreaming

  • SOLD!

    Cat Croxford – Happy Trees I

  • SOLD!

    Cat Croxford – Happy Trees II

  • SOLD!

    Catherine Kennedy – Turquoise Wave III

  • Daisy Daisy – Wendy Kimberley

  • SOLD!


  • SOLD!

    Fiona Pearce – Spud

  • SOLD!

    Imaginary Landscape

  • Natalie Maxted – Masking

  • Pumpkin On A Plate

  • Richard Pike

  • SOLD!

    Richard Young – Time to Celebrate

  • Sarah Simonds-Gooding

  • Shanon King

  • SOLD!

    The Hay Wain – After Constable

  • SOLD!

    Zebra Butterfly

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