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Emily Faludy is a landscape painter in oils, making work primarily 'plein air' ('from life') as this allows her to transfer something of the energy and immediacy of responding directly to the subject. Her work is full of light and life, mirroring the ever-changing conditions of working outdoors.

Oil, Painting

My painting is drawn from the natural world, the lines, shapes and textures I experience. I use acrylic, handmade collage items and drawing media to develop them.


Trudi Foggo Acrylic Abstract Landscape
I walk the landscape daily with sketchbooks noting shapes, forms, colours. Then back in my studio I pull back in the emotion and feel of the place - a sense of belonging is important but in a deconstructed way that allows the viewer to form their own interpretations.

Acrylic, Painting

Mary is a Surrey based artist. Working with mixed media and an expressive approach she creates evocative abstract landscapes from observation and memory.

Mixed Media, Painting

I am a London-based photographer specialising in peaceful landscapes and interiors. All photographs are framed, backlit transparencies.


Barry takes his inspiration from his travels both home and abroad. Painting mainly with acrylics and oils using pallet knives he is especially interested in exploring the use of colour, tone and contrasting light. In this respect, some observers have described his work as reflecting a distinctive style of contemporary realism and is becoming increasingly popular. .


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