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Michael studied Fine Art at Manchester Polytechnic and has exhibited since the 1980’s, also working variously as a graphic artist, computer/audio-visual technician and lecturing in art and design subjects for colleges and universities. He combines observations of urban landscape with geometry and pattern and a sensitive palette.


Kevin is an artist originally from North London. His studio is now in Hertford Town. He works with oil paint and produces images that reference his life growing up from the 1970's in a large Irish family whilst coping with the complexity of life with Tourette's and mental health illnesses.


Contemporary Still Life in oils. Penny German is a regular exhibitorwith ROI and RBSA and strives to capture light and form and evoke a sense of stillness.

Oil, Painting

I am a professional artist based in London, UK. I concentrate producing beautiful and highly original animal paintings and screenprints. The primary focus for my paintings is cows, particularly the Indian street cows.


My career as a painter spans over 30 years and I have many private and corporate collectors worlswide. I adore vibrant colours and textures and use in all my work to create layers and stories, whether it is a landscape, seascape, abstract painting or contemporary face. "Colours are like words to me".

Mixed Media, Painting, Prints

The human figure, especially the female form is central to my practice. I produce ceramic sculpture with a variety of scale and surface finish. This work is underpinned by drawing from the model which is sometimes also translated into painting. I permanently show my work in galleries throughout the UK and also in France.

Ceramic, Sculpture

Richard studied painting at the University for the Creative Arts Farnham from 2008 until 2012 and has since had his work exhibited widely throughout the UK. Most notably in 2014, Richard was shortlisted for the prestigious South Central art prize, which led to his paintings being featured on popular news channel, BBC South Today. In 2015 he was selected as a prize winner in the Windsor and Newton painting prize which saw which saw his work displayed at the Griffin Gallery Open.


Grace Ellen is a self-taught landscape artist, inspired by the great diversity seen in British nature and wildlife. At first glance, Grace's paintings are almost photographic, a longer look reveals a painterly quality. This is created through her intuitive use of different texture mediums, sprays and inks alongside the paint.

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My speciality is figurative art which takes the form of decoupage figures and sculptures. My pieces are designed to be either wall hung or free standing. Each piece is covered in Japanese chiyogami and other decorative papers both front and back giving each figure a unique and individual style.

Mixed Media, Sculpture

Jennifer is a contemporary oil painter based locally in the Surrey Hills. She is best known for her urban landscape paintings of London, although she is increasingly painting more local, rural landscapes. Her paintings are full of light and colour and seek to capture the feeling and energy of a place.

Oil, Painting

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