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As a  colourist I paint original paintings filled with vibrant colours creating:-

  • Stunning dramatic cityscapes full of energy and life
  • Exciting land and seascapes inspired by places loved and visited
  • Vibrant botanicals providing bursts of colour on even the dullest day
  • Amazing abstracts to entertain and surprise.
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Jos Haigh, a scientist by training, is an enthusiastic painter of animals, landscapes and flowers. She strives to capture their charm in a fresh, contemporary style


Karl Hamilton-Cox is a realist artist from Hereford. His wildlife and figurative art is highly detailed and created using a wide variety of media including leather to match and compliment each composition. He has exhibited widely with solo exhibitions in the USA & UK. Karl undertakes commissions.


Charlie is a London based freelance photographer/designer who has created his own unique style of Fine Art Photography. His love of travelling and photography has enabled him to produce great inspirational images with lasting memories. Each image creates its own visual and emotional story.

Painting, Prints

‘Colour to lift the Soul’.

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Originating from London cityscape drawings, the linear abstract paintings are constructed by simplifying the vertical lines of the cityscape view. Occasionally a line is moved slightly or removed to create an arrangement of lines that sits well for the viewer and is both meditative and decorative. With each colour being carefully mixed, the finished piece is an abstract exploration of line, colour and space.

Mixed Media

The 19th Century Artist, Marianne North’s, intrepid adventures and prolific paintings of botanical specimens fill me with wonder and provide inspiration for a new body of work - The Garden Series is an exploration of  memory and our emotional response to the patterns and textures of the natural world.


After an early career as an illustrator, Claire now devotes her time to painting anything that inspires her, including the coast and countryside of Britain. Created in acrylic paint for its versatility and mixed media for its textural qualities, Claire’s work is exhibited in several galleries and is published worldwide.


My art starts with the natural world of form, light, colour and texture. I try to create dynamic compositions which capture the viewers interest. My finished paintings hopefully possess beauty, sensuality and an element of surrealism which links my creative experience to the real, solid objects of inspiration. BA Hons 2:1 in Art and Philosophy 1998. 2001-2017 various mixed and solo shows in South East and Midlands and private sales and commissions.


Peter Hill’s surroundings and experiences continuously drive his creative ambition to capture nature’s dramatic forms, gentle reflections and quixotic light.


Crispin’s interest lies in the definition of form and application of colour theory to create intriguing and challenging compositions. His thought process is inspired by everyday visual experiences, a sense of place and time and the idiosyncratic nature of human observation. All of his work is painted by hand.


Deborah hand carves glass with a reverse intaglio technique. Inspiration is taken from nature for her designs which are all unique due to their handmade quality.


A fine art photographer, specialising in painterly and impressionistic images inspired by flowers and nature, creating wall art with a fluid, organic feel and a sense of harmony and well-being.

An Associate of the Royal Photographic Society and award winner in the International Garden Photographer of the year competition.


Sarah Hudson’s landscape paintings and drawings are informed by the daily dramas in her chosen place and her emotional and gestural responses. She repeatedly draws and paints in front of the landscape to create abstracted painting en plein air or in her studio. She is never happier than sitting on a weather-laden cliff or hilltop trying to capture the spirit and feeling of what is happening all around.


Caroline is a Professional Artist, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and listed in the Public Catalogue. She works every day in her enormous studio in Mapledurham, South Oxfordshire.


Using a wide range of mediums Lesley adds further depth and meaning to her iconic subjects.

Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting

Isabel works in multiple paint layers, capturing light and using texture and colour to bring what she sees to life. Living on the south coast with its amazing shores and countryside as inspiration, she frequently paints landscapes and seascapes, with people often key to what catches her attention.


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