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Burry Port artist Diane George, has been honing her skills in manuscript illumination since completing her MA in Sacred and Traditional Art (2004). Best known for intricate, detailed,  gilded paintings inspired by traditional Celtic, Islamic and Asian arts, her work is uplifting, inspiring feelings of peace and calm.


Predominantly self-taught Carole's passion is watercolour inspired by the world around her, particularly people and nature. Whilst her technique is still developing, the spontaneous brush marks play an important and often surprising part in interpreting an image suggesting likeness and personality but leaving unpainted sections to the viewer's imagination.

Painting, Watercolour

Alison is a professional, award winning artist, known for her unique interpretation of wildlife. Over the last twenty years she has developed her distinctive style, combining her knowledge and interest in wildlife, with contemporary design. She is a signature member of the Society of Animal Artists based in the USA and gains commissions internationally.


Producing wheel thrown and hand glazed ceramic pieces inspired by light and nature.
Ceramic, Mixed Media

I have pretty much had a paintbrush in my hand since childhood and always wanted to be an artist from a very young age. Horses were always then my preferred subject, but the great outdoors in it’s various forms drew me in and after doing a Fine Art Degree, I set myself up as a portrait artist exhibiting at the likes of Badminton and Burghley Horse Trials doing commissions and selling my own pieces. Since then my work has expanded hugely. All are definitely nature inspired, be it on my doorstep or further afield, from feather, fur or imagination. Most are colour and emotion based, responses to being in the field surrounded by your senses only, be it the breath of a charging steed or the delicate wingbeat on a silent winter’s day.


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