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Contemporary mixed media mosaics.


Jelly is an energetic charity championing the creative arts and is committed to forming creative alliances and partnerships that encourage art and cultural life to flourish.


Nature has always been a great source of inspiration for me. I am intrigued and inspired by its magnificence, its excellence and its mystery. I seek to express nature with chromatic lyricism and emotion. It is true that I tend to meander between the impressionist and abstract world, incorporating light and movement.

Acrylic on Canvas, Acrylic on Paper

Bev’s work captures beautifully the extraordinary nature of ordinary moments, evoking wonder and magic through vibrant colours and intricate details but never quite losing its roots in everyday city life. She has two ranges of paintings, one focusing on city streets and crowds, the other focusing on leaves and pavements.


Inspired by the colours, patterns and textures of the Welsh countryside where she lives, Bron creates bright, vibrant abstract landscape paintings that reflect her love of colour and the natural world. Bron's work is designed to lighten your heart and make you smile.

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Whilst making her work Emma focuses on her desire to bring the viewer in to a serene state, immersed into a sense of relaxation, enticing the viewer to seek through the 3 dimensional corners of her 2 dimensional work. Emma’s inspiration comes from seeing the beauty in every day life. A laugh, a smell, a colour, a flower, a sunset, a star, motivates Emma to try and recreate these wonders into eternal capsulation within the resin itself.


Laura Jordan is an acclaimed British illustrator who creates rich, large scale cityscapes. Working in pencil, pen, watercolour, collage and print she produces complex maps of the worlds greatest cities. Originally from Haslemere Laura grew up in Surrey and moved to London to study Graphic Design and Illustration.

Illustration, Mixed Media

Erica Just works as an Artist and Illustrator and exhibits her work nationally and internationally. Her water colour paintings of grasses are drawn and painted with the brush. The paintings work singularly, in pairs or as a triptych creating a panoramic view.

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Painting, Watercolour

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