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Lynn paints contemporary landscapes and abstract flowers. Her gestural, expressive style captures the essence of a place, a mood, a time. Painting with the seasons, capturing the colour and movement with bold and energetic mark-making. She has a close relationship with nature having photographed it professionally for nearly 20 years.


Janet Kenyon is a multi-award winning watercolour artist, winner of the prestigious Sunday Times/Smith & Williamson Cityscape Prize. Janet also runs her gallery to showcse her own work and other Northern based artistss work at art fairs in the UK.

Gallery, Painting

Inspired by architecture and a real passion for drawing, Max intricately depicts scenes and buildings of particular beauty in his eyes. His focus is to capture the minute details within his chosen subject, mostly using very fine pens, Max is able to pick out these very small details within his drawings to a very high degree of visual accuracy.

Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting

Wendy is the winner of last year's Windsor and Eton En Plein Air Competition. She has also competed as a wildcard in Sky Arts Landscape artist of the year 2017/2018. Wendy’s work is inspired by nature, the elements and a sense of history. By studying the changing landscape she is able to explore how we relate and are connected to it.


Eleanor King's Watercolours do more than reflect her love of walking and sailing, they invariably capture arresting light on distant horizons, or subtle mists that play with the imagination. 'Quite simply, beautiful landscape seduces me and the medium of watercolour enhances the beauty and transient nature of light and weather'.


Matthew's work is inspired by travels in wild and remote places. His acrylic, watercolour and mixed media work, rich in texture and blended colour, focuses on the intricate patterns and relationships in the landscape and the influence of natural processes, especially the effects of water and ice.


The Kingdom Arts Foundation serves to help and support emerging artists from the local area.


Yulia Robinson is a London based contemporary artist who is using mixed media to create drawings, paintings and sculptures. Her multi-layered, textured artworks involve figurative forms along with a variety of abstract language.

Kingston based figurative artist, Natalia Zozulya is developing her own style by interweaving the craftmanship with her openness to the conceptualism and philosophy of contemporary art.

Mixed Media, Painting

People and cities and their interactions are my inspiration - recording my wanderings in sketches and photos to create a record of visited places that will then inform my studio paintings where I seek to capture a moment of impression in my finished canvasses.


Kushag's work incorporates new media techniques created with photography and digital manipulation and experiments with upcycled scrap materials. Beyond the quirky visual impact, the work exudes thoughtfulness as well as spontaneity, it is playful and grounded to the thought that all things eventually return to earth or turn to dust, like sands of time.

Digital Art, Mixed Media

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