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Unusually choosing to work with emulsions Laura explores the qualities and playfulness of paint, layering bold brush strokes, splatters and drips with flimsy linear marking, contrasted with focused pen work to add structure to the form.


At Lafontaine Contemporary Arts (LC Arts) we are passionate about art and committed to offering great value, contemporary art in a relaxed and friendly environment. We provide professional advice and assistance at every stage of an acquisition – from the initial search for an artwork through to its framing, delivery and installation in your home.


This planet is home to a wonderful variety of living organisms that are each individual in their biology and behaviour. They form large webs of connections amongst one another in ecosystems that are vast and complex. From whale migrations that encompass the entire globe, to ants that scurry along the forest floor. We are all witness to the beauty of life on Earth. Earth, the tiny little planet that we inhabit somewhere in the unfathomable depths of the universe.

Drawing, Prints

Born in Jerusalem and based in London, artist Talia LeHavi has been working with traditional Japanese ink painting techniques for many years. Exhibiting both in London and internationally, she is known for her cross-disciplinary paintings, prints and ceramic tiles. Talias aesthetic sensibility is an exploration and reclamation of nature’s patterns, prompting a dynamic dialogue between the detailed and the whole, the fleeting and eternal.


Jayne Leighton Herd is a professional artist and designer based in Berkshire. Her vibrant, colourful paintings are inspired by nature and the rich tapestry of life. Working on a variety of supports, including plexiglass, metal and canvas, she creates contemporary, statement pieces. Jayne welcomes commissions for bespoke art for both residential and commercial projects.

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Professional contemporary Fine Artist, with a BA Hons in Fine Art as well as a PGCE. Making pop art that is conceptual, fun, interactive and intelligent.


This enigmatic artist worked tirelessly perfecting exquisite monotype original artworks for 40 years, becoming a master of his craft. His great technique, sense of colour and composition show through in the wonderfully expressive works that are his delightful legacy.

Gallery, Printmaking


Linescapes specialises in highly detailed CAD architectural portraits of iconic buildings and landmarks. Set up in 2014 by Amalia Sanchez de la Blanca., Linescapes offers a range of architecture-inspired prints, cards and gifts which aim to tap into people’s emotional relationships with buildings.


Every day gives me inspiration for my art… I love in oils their viscosity, richness, dynamic colours and the palette knife for me is the most magical instrument when I am working, as it helps me to lift the paints from the canvas and also build the dimensions as thick as I like. Amazing to see the thickness and the contrast of the layers when the painting is finished.


Kate LLoyd captures images of horses which are her passion. These are presented as limited edition prints and printed on silk as luxury silk scarves and as greetings cards.


I have been painting for many years, exhibiting at a number of London venues.

The thing I love about art is that it creates a unique relationship with the viewer. Each person’s response to an artwork is theirs and theirs alone. So really, every piece of art is a never ending story

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Michelle is an award winning pastel artist specialising in realism to create large scale beautiful seascapes and underwater portraits. She endeavours to convey on paper the beauty, majesty and playfulness of water. Michelle is an associate artist of Unison Colour Pastels, and has collaborated with them to create the Unison Colour 36 pastel ‘Beach Set’. She exhibits regularly in North Somerset, and exhibited with the Pastel Society at the Mall Galleries London in 2017 where she won the prestigious Annie Longley Award for her painting ‘Burst Into Flame’. I have been painting for many years, exhibiting at a number of London venues.

Painting, Pastel

Beautiful oil paintings on linen. Louise is inspired by the colour and light in nature. Her dynamic use of colour combines traditional naturalism with a contemporary twist.


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