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Figurative art across a range of media: from Sculpture to Pen and Ink. Zosia's work embodies a sense of optimism through an examination of the everyday. She has exhibited at the Mall Galleries and as a part of the New Light exhibition.

Ink, Painting, Sculpture

Ukranian artist and member of Ukranian National Artists Association. Roman’s work has been inspired by Byzantine icon painting, Ukranian folk traditions, Malevich, Picasso and the French Impressionists. His work has been exhibited across Europe and the Ukraine .


Alison's gestural paintings, inspired by sea, land and sky, have a fearless confidence in their gutsy application of paint, layered brushstrokes and expressive marks. Her encaustic wax abstracts, provide a sophisticated statement, with translucent, tactile colour. A respected and established artist, who has exhibited in prominent UK and international galleries.

Ceramic, Mixed Media, Painting

I have a BA(Hons) Fine Art and an ARPS. I have exhibited nationally and internationally and have my work in collections around the world. By using the light reflected from a number of colour blocks, I create a changing piece of work depending on the light source.

Mixed Media, Photography

Hooked on COLOUR

I breathe and live for painting. It is my passion. The power of colour has had a tremendous impact on my world and dominated my view of life since my early childhood, continuing into my adult life.


Demi creates sculptural works on paper which explore satellite imagery through the act of drawing and mark-making. Through a labour-intensive and repetitive action of simply using a single needle, she pushes and tests the materiality and delicacy of the surface. Demi studied Fine Art at Newcastle University and is now based in Nottingham where she continues to create work at her studio at Backlit Gallery.


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