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Sangeeta is a contemporary artist with a multi faceted approach that encompasses paintings, drawings and sculptures. Her work displays vivid imagination combined with a sense of fantasy and inspiration from nature. Her style is of an abstract expressionist with a hint of realism and requires sheer introspection. Her goal is to create a pleasing piece of art.

Mixed Media, Painting

Jessica Saraga’s colourist landscapes are rooted in the natural environment and the traces of humn history that have formed it. A network of shape and colour balancing abstraction and figuration conveys place and mood. Her prints and mixed media works, which include people as well as places, are mulit-layered, ghost images from underlying work providing an additional dimension.

Mixed Media

My current series of works is inspired by the tropical fish we keep, my love of colour and of printmaking; Sometimes mixing them up together. The methods I employ to produce these varied and many layered works, is as fluid and interesting as the fish we look after.

Painting, Printmaking

Complimentary contrasts. Christine beautifully combines metals, textures and stones creating jewellery that subtly reflects the international landscapes that inspired it.

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Caz Scott’s oil paintings result from extended periods spent walking and drawing along the coast, distilling the dramatic landforms and wildness of the cliffs and sea to create these contemporary images.


Nagihan Seymour is a Turkish artist based in Surrey, UK since 2015. She specialises in “Tezhip” illumination. Tezhip is the art of illumination and is traditionally used for the decoration of calligraphy, although in her paintings she uses it as a standalone art form. The paintings incorporate symmetrical designs consisting of naturalistic floral ornamentation or patterns with simple expression.


Jo Sharpe loves to paint colourful and textural still-life's and landscape paintings in oils and also produces digital botanical prints.

Claire Chandler paints a direct response to her surroundings, visual memories of places she has lived, travelled to or explored.

Jill Iliffe is a member of the SGFA with an MA in Drawing. Her work is held in many collections, including a national museum.

Gallery, Painting, Prints

Alice creates dynamic paintings rich with texture. Her layered mixed media approach mixes an urban feel with more traditional landscapes, giving abstract paintings with a strong graphic edge. Her use of colour brings richness and depth to the work, creating sophisticated paintings you will continue to see fresh for many years.

Mixed Media, Painting

Sara Sherwood creates vibrant and expressive works of art. Her paintings of London, other skylines and abstracts are infused with a sense of style. Working in oil on canvas she takes iconic and legendary buildings and paints them into magical cityscapes full of colour and drama.


Ginny Skinner's paintings are in oil and acrylics on the themes of modern magic, folklore and paganism. She features in the Cartoon Museum's Inking Woman exhibition and the book of the same name.


Gill takes inspiration from bold Art Deco graphics, mid century design and the visual illusions of Op Art to create original prints and cut paper artworks exploring light, texture and movement. She has an MA in Printmaking from Camberwell College of Arts.


I am a full-time artist making figurative hand-built ceramic sculptures and limited editions. My subject matter is our relationship with the animal world, the inspiration coming from a love of nature and art, and European folk stories.

I try to make the shapes of my animal sculptures as simple as possible. I adhere to the principle less is more. The style is bold and semi-abstract with graceful sweeping curves and simplified details.

Mixed Media, Painting

Gloria Stetbay lives and works in Provence. In her workshop near Avignon, she uses all kinds of materials: paper, wood, steel, resin and bronze. Geometric abstraction and abstract expressionism have been the preliminary stages before her current form of expression, which is characterized by a unique and personal style that she calls ‘Deleuzien’.


Andrew is a renowned wildlife artist with a particular love for the rugged landscapes of the British Isles. He has also recently worked in Antartica and Morocco. Andrew is a past president of the Society of Wildlife Artists (SWLA) and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers (RE).


Erica works in polymer clay and acrylics to create figurative, three-dimensional scenes. Inspirations are firmly rooted in the simple pleasures of everyday life - the joy is in creating a painting that celebrates the familiar in a new and exciting way.


Sunday loves to work with acrylic paste to create deep, touchable texture on her canvases and uses paint to emphasise the surface structures. Her straight Abstracts are colourful, she captures just the essence of the Animals she paints and Sunday’s ‘Words’ collection is part of an emotional journey and a desire to uplift others.


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