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David describes his work as being founded on the traditions of the Old Masters through to the great French impressionists but cites Robert Lenkiewicz as a major influence


Salome Gallan is an abstract artist from West London. Her work is a colourful, energetic expression of her own life experiences, thoughts and dreams. She uses numerous layers, texture and vibrant colours to create a fun and uplifting feeling for the viewer. By creating meaningful art she has found a way to also motivate others to have a better understanding and positive outlook about life and the world we live in.


We specialise in contemporaryfine art; original British paintings, photography and sculpture.

Our diverse portfolio of artists bring together an inspiring, creative and exciting collection of thought provoking art. We endeavour to bring our clients the finest in British talent today including the best paintings and photography of Windsor.


Michael is an award winning artist who combines observations of local urban landscape with abstract geometry and pattern and a sensitive handling of colour and tone. The carefully controlled nature of his work hints at his background in fine art, graphics and digital art & design lecturing for colleges and universities.

Acrylic, Painting, Watercolour

Katy Garrod Art combines my education, training and experience to express my perspective as an artist in contemporary abstracted landscapes and in detailed studies. Sometimes I stray into complete abstraction when trying to capture a feeling or emotion. I hope it offers the viewer new ways of seeing the world.

Mixed Media, Painting

Kevin is an artist originally from North London. His studio is now in Hertford Town. He works with oil paint and produces images that reference his life growing up from the 1970's in a large Irish family whilst coping with the complexity of life with Tourette's and mental health illnesses.


Born and raised in North Finland and has been living in England since 1969. She attained her degree in Fine Art from Surrey Institute of Art & Design. Her work has been predominantly in mixed media and collage on paper. She has participated in many group exhibitions and Art Fairs.

Mixed Media

Charlotte creates unique and optimistic imagery of animals. She is an avid environmentalist and her work strives to portray the worthiness of animals in our society.  Her paintings of Indian cows (her favoured subjects) alongside ducks and hares are brought to life through her magnified use of colour and ethnic gold embellishment.


Original, unique oil and resin paintings of cows/dogs/horses and wildlife. Their humour, trust, vulnerability and friendship is an absolute delight and I'm privileged to convey this through commissions and for galleries/ Art Fairs. Featured in 'Best House in Town' BBC One. Originals/giclee prints exhibited worldwide; offices, restaurants, cruise ships. Works licensed.

Mixed Media, Painting

My career as a painter spans over 30 years and I have many private and corporate collectors worlswide. I adore vibrant colours and textures and use in all my work to create layers and stories, whether it is a landscape, seascape, abstract painting or contemporary face. "Colours are like words to me".

Mixed Media, Painting, Prints

After graduating from Moscow State University of Arts & Design Tanya has worked as:- stage and costume designer for Moscow theatres, curator for the Russian Ministry of Culture and an antique painting restorer in New York. She has had three TV programs made about her life and work and exhibitions in Rotterdam (EXPRO), Hanover, Nicosia, Dusseldorf, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, New York, Moscow - a private exhibition at the British Ambassador's Moscow residence and Paris at the Russian Ambassador's residence.



Valentina Gonzalez is an independent artist and architect living and working in Reading, United Kingdom.

Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting

The human figure, especially the female form is central to my practice. I produce ceramic sculpture with a variety of scale and surface finish. This work is underpinned by drawing from the model which is sometimes also translated into painting. I permanently show my work in galleries throughout the UK and also in France.

Ceramic, Sculpture

Immersive landscape paintings inspired by the great diversity seen in British nature and wildlife.


My speciality is figurative art which takes the form of decoupage figures and sculptures. My pieces are designed to be either wall hung or free standing. Each piece is covered in Japanese chiyogami and other decorative papers both front and back giving each figure a unique and individual style.

Mixed Media, Sculpture


I have been producing my recent work on genuine disused signs, giving something rusty, aged and even bullet ridden a new life. A used sign to me is a unique canvas, sometimes with 20 years of wear, tear and imperfections, each one telling a story of its own ... I love how no two can ever be the same.


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