A Heart Of Glass

    Specialising in contemporary art glass, we seek out the most artistic and inspired designs from across the world and bring them to the discerning customer here in the UK. Our unique 3-dimensional art pieces add a touch of colour, design
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    Origin 31

    Origin 31 ethical fine jewellery from concept to inspired reality. Presenting the Child’s Play collection created from only the finest of metals and stones. Offering a bespoke service for objet and jewellery including redesigning old pieces utilising your gold and

    Mike Coggins

    I am a self-taught artist with my own characteristic style. I specialise in acrylic or oil on canvas and base content on many situations including everyday life, extensive travel and memory. All of my work is original. My paintings are

    Moth and Mirror

    Moth and Mirror was founded in November 2013 and is a partnership between Lenore Zavitz, a professional gilding restorer and Richard Mills, a lifelong wood turner. We specialise in pieces crafted from the finest woods and metal leaf gilding, as

    Nadia Day

    Nadia Day is an impressionist artist based in Teddington. She paints views of nature, both local and further afield through seascapes and commissions. “I use a brisk technique of flat brushstrokes and pallet knife work, ensuring my paintings reflect the

    Natalie Day

    Explorations of marks with a limited palette, this new collection features abstracts inspired by the coastline of Cornwall. The designs, minimal from afar, reveal a complexity of depth and detail within their simplicity. These are paintings to be enjoyed both

    Natalie Maxted

    We live in an age consumed by digital media and over-processed images through editing softwares and filters on social media. Natalie Maxted’s hand-painted art mimics today’s image-processing culture. She strips away distracting details, focusing on colour and contrasts, allowing the

    Natasha Hawes Art Gallery

    Natasha was born in the Russian countryside and learned to appreciate the simple pleasures of life. She has always drawn and painted and was first exhibited internationally at the age of 11. In 2011 Natasha moved to England. Inspired by

    Nathalie Beauvillain Scott

    Award winning artist Nathalie Beauvillain Scott specialises in highly detailed portrait paintings of everyday people in everyday life.  Her pictures of everyone from children to celebrities are recognised for their incredible likeness, with her reputation for detail resulting in her

    Nicky Chubb

    Nicky uses acrylic paint, collage, metal leaf and resin to create paintings with a sense of joy and optimism. Her trees, florals and nudes are shown at art fairs and in galleries in the UK and Europe.

    Nicky Edwards Art

    My paintings reflect creation in its rawest form of land, sea and sky, set against the man made structures which we call home. I create thick acrylic, abstract impressions of visual memories placed onto a canvas to create a unique

    Nicole Rose

    Following a long career in graphic design, I now create abstract artworks. My approach to painting echoes the principles of successful graphics – visual storytelling through symmetry, colour, balance and the spaces in between. My creative process spans both disciplines.

    Nicolette Carter

    A Fine Arts Graduate with many years of experience creating, exhibiting and selling lyrical, finely detailed paintings. Nicolette was featured in the second BBC1 series of Home is Where the Art is in July this year. Influences include Mughal and

    Nikki Carr

    Realist artist capturing light, emotion and movement on the canvas. Originally from New Zealand, Nikki specialises in figurative, equine and wildlife subjects. Working primarily in oil, charcoal and sometimes gold leaf, her pieces convey a strong narrative, often capturing a

    Nina Mankin

    Nina Mankin is a mixed-media London based artist, working within the medium of sculptural installation, print, drawing and collage. Collecting & sourcing found objects is at the core of her practice. Fascinated by the sense of presence of objects; the

    Olivier Leger

    Surreal imaginative drawings, made using dip pen and ink, exploring ecology, biology and nature. Animals are imagined as living planets or landmasses, with their own landscapes and ecosystems.

    Painshill Wine

    A beautiful landscape garden in Cobham, Painshill is a living artwork full of dramatically placed follies and stunning views. One of its key features is a 2 acre vineyard with beautiful views over the Serpentine Lake and Surrey Hills. Originally

    Michelle Elwell - Floral Art

    ichelle Elwell creates original digital artworks inspired by the ephemeral beauty of nature. Her vibrant and ethereal images capture the beauty and grace of flowers in a unique way. By digitally manipulating and enhancing her photographs, these transient and fragile

    Paint My Garden

    Artist, Art educator and nature lover, has literally led me down the garden path to capture memories of spaces very personal to us all. I have been painting gardens for over a decade, from as far afield as Barbados to

    Patrick Wilkins Drawings

    I have always drawn (I worked in engineering design) but after a serious illness in 2012 I decided to put some effort into creative drawing. I draw Edward Hopper influenced realist pictures. I have won some prizes here and there

    Pauline Fowler Photography

    Sculptor turned photographer, with a passion for telling the stories of the incredible animals we share our world with.

    Penelope Timmis SWA

    Penelope is an established artist from Shropshire, She has been selling her iconic work for seventeen years. Her work can be seen in galleries throughout the UK. Award winning and a member of the Society of Women Artists.

    Penny Fleet

    Penny combines her Textile Design background with her love of unexpected colours, patterns and textures in wild, seasonal flowers, birds and natural surroundings to create expressive mixed media collages using acrylics, inks and hand-decorated papers. She exhibits locally and at

    Phil Randles

    Phil has had a long, art related career mixing producing art and exhibitiions with running/owning advertising agencies and a magazine publishing company. However, art is now the prime focus generating more work and exhibitions.

    Pippa Ward

    Surrey Artist of the Year 2019 Pippa’s art looks at man’s inevitable impact on nature by using reclaimed plastic bags, discarded bottle tops and found beach plastic … ubiquitous and disposable materials and objects that do untold damage to our

    Punchbowl Gallery

    An artist-led gallery, showing a collection of uplifting and positive artworks including painting, photography and sculpture.

    R Young Art

    Professional artist creating deeply passionate fine art in a contemporary realism style. In addition to originals, limited edition hand embellished prints are available for all artwork. I also undertake scanning and printing services for artists and photographers, public and corporate

    Rachel Ducker

    Unique hand crafted wire figures expressing the emotional dynamics of human nature. Each piece is made by hand with an emphasis on movement and energy. Rachel uses mainly steel wire but also incorporates plaster, wood and has a new collection

    Rachel Newton

    A self taught abstract painter born in Norfolk in 1970, now living and working in Middlesex. I create works in a variety of media, mainly acrylics, gesso and gold to create atmospheric and deceptively understated pieces often on a large

    Rainsborough Art

    Born to paint, craft, design. Inspired by colour in the landscape and skies above.

    Rebecca Coleman SGFA

    Rebecca’s most successful works to date explore the London Underground from striking and unusual perspectives, in both painting and printmaking. She is a member of the Society of Graphic Fine Art, has sold to collectors around the world, has exhibited

    Rebecca Duckett-Wilkinson

    Rebecca is of mixed heritage and grew up in Malaysia. A weaver and print designer by training, her works on paper depict dreamscapes, visual memories and still life’s inspired by a sense of place, a love of flora, fauna and

    Michelle Lucking

    Award winning, international artist Michelle Lucking uses her fingers to paint with soft pastel and capture stunning seascapes and underwater swimming scenes. Her work beautifully translates light and movement onto medium and large scale paintings, making the viewer feel like

    Michael Norcross

    Glaxo Art award winner Michael exhibited in London galleries before turning 21.His current work is partly influenced by his interest in Japanese art. Paintings covering a wide range of subjects are derived from direct observation frequently against the light, focusing

    Richard Pike Photography

    By using a lifetime love of photography as a foundation and in combination with mixed media, through my art I not only wish to share the beauty, atmosphere and emotion that the subject contains but also its story.

    Lorraine Somersall-Weekes

    Lorraine (@lorribethdesigns) is a Surrey based abstract artist who uses acrylic, mixed media and macro photography to create emotional, textured pieces. Passionate about human behaviour, relationships and nature, her paintings evoke feelings of lifes undercurrents, elements and layers. She has

    Karl Hamilton-Cox

    Karl Hamilton-Cox is a realist artist from Hereford. His highly detailed wildlife and figurative art is created using a wide variety of media including leather hides to match and complement each composition. He has exhibited widely with solo exhibitions in

    Kasia Clarke

    Kasia Clarke paints intuitive and emotive abstract landscapes, rich in colour and texture. Free and energetic mark-making contrasts with a soulful depth; these are captivating paintings that offer a hint of a recognisable landscape but with an intriguing ambiguity leaving

    Kate Burns

    Kate creates emotive works of art from her North London studio. Her favoured medium of acrylic provides a neverending journeyof discovery. Kate aims to prompt subtle shifts of emotion through her work and plays with the fine line that can

    Kate Cochrane

    Kate’s work features elements of the landscape and ruined castles. Her expressive colourist work along withe her enjoyment in the process of layering paint and glazes, results in rich colour and texture. Her aim is for the viewer to be

    Kate Lloyd Fine Art Prints

    I create unusual images of horses, water and natural subjects. Limited Edition prints – which give you exclusivity. Acrylic images – a luscious modern take on art. Silk prints – a luxury silk scarf – the quickest way to go

    Katia Bellini

    Katia Bellini lived and worked in New Zealand, Australia and Spain before coming to the UK where she decided to pursue her painting commitment. In her landscape paintings she works mainly from botanical illustrations, her photos of plants and gardens

    Katy Rundle

    Katy creates vibrant, uplifting, compositions made entirely from fabric collage and embroidery. She has exhibited in art fairs across London and in Windsor and was selected to compete in Sky Arts ‘Landscape Artist of the Year 2018’. Her work has


    Currently Hampshire based, Kim is an observational artist and teacher, fascinated by drawing and painting ‘en plein air’. She made the final of Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year despite entering as a wildcard, is a winner of Pintar

    Kirsteen Titchener

    A single image has the power to communicate in a way words often can’t. Usingdigital photography and advanced editing techniques I create award winning art that is recognisably photography, remains believable, yet cannot be real. My work has been exhibited


    Kushag’s work incorporates new media techniques created with photography and digital manipulation and experiments with upcycled scrap materials. Beyond the quirky visual impact, the work exudes thoughtfulness as well as spontaneity, it is playful and grounded to the thought that

    Laura Dunmow

    Laura is a representational artist and her inspiration is inspired by the classics. working in Hertfordshire. Her figurative paintings breathe life on the depth of diverse human relationships depicting power, action or grace. While her landscapes are a representation of

    Laura Jordan

    Laura Jordan is an acclaimed British illustrator who creates intricate, large-scale cityscapes. Nestled into the narrative of each piece Laura’s work features thought provoking social commentary. Laura studied graphic design and illustration at the London college of Communication and graduated

    Lexi Laine

    Ethereal, otherworldly and blurring boundaries between photography and painting. Lexi Laine specialises in underwater fine art photography. She has trained as a freediver and undertakes all of her projects without the aid of scuba equipment.

    Lin Osborn Art

    A collection of miniature paintings of natural forms, emotions and memories to create evocative images. By using a variety of mixed media the unexpected can happen which is always welcome. I have a BA (hons) Fine Art, a Diploma in

    Louise Bougourd

    Louise is inspired by man-made structures and how the ravages of time and nature alter their place in our surroundings – how utilitarian objects have real beauty. Alongside her interest in decay, she is also inspired by the natural world

    Michael John Crook

    Michael’s passion for creating sculptures is inspired by the simple line and movement of a subject matter – utilising the unique qualities of both wood and stone to capture it’s fundamental beauty – committing himself to the creation of an

    Louise Burnett

    The tradition of landscape painting has always been the essence of my work. Working directly from the environment my inspiration comes from an emotional response to the effects of natural light. My aim is to capture the atmosphere of a

    Louise McNaught

    I have drawn and painted animals since I was little, I saw them as magical beings that were much more interesting than humans and they have captured my imagination ever since. I want to share with the world how important

    Lucy Routh

    Lucy Routh is a contemporary still life painter. Amongst her favourite subjects are flowers, fruit, fish and sea life. Using a combination of ink and paint Lucy has developed a very distinctive unique style, creating images that are bold, bright

    Lyn Rodden Art

    The Art of Jazz  Lyn was born in Kenya and moved to the UK in her teens. She is best known for her black and white paintings of Jazz Musicians. The emotion and passion that artists express when playing or singing

    Lynne Davies Art

    Lynne’s work is collected worldwide. She paints with a passion to tell a story whilst creating movement, light and spontaneity. Whether she is capturing the soul of an animal in her work, a beautiful landscape or the raw energy and

    Lynne Wixon

    Lynne is a professional painter of 30 years. She studied Painting in Sheffield and has lived in North Yorkshire and the US. Her work is about a sense of place. Lynne has embarked on a long term project touring the

    Maggie Smith – Yellow Minnow Sketch

    An international knitwear designer by profession working with some of the most famous fashion houses in the world, over lockdown I discovered a new love in my life in the form of drawing which has turned into a passion and

    Mark Munroe-Preston

    Mark began creating landscape artworks two years ago, after a career working in illustration and design. His work is inspired by the local countryside and he creates his work by digitally merging photographs, paintings, drawings, textures and found objects. These

    Martin Turner Artist

    Using the simple traditional medium of pencil, Turner embodies the simplicity of fine art. His hyper realistic drawings are decisive, obsessed with light and texture and imbued with a confidence that comes from technical mastery of his medium. Exhibit highlights

    Mary Fountain

    Mary is a Surrey based artist. Working with mixed media and an expressive approach she creates evocative abstract landscapes from observation and memory.

    Matthew King

    Matthew’s work is inspired by travels in wild and remote places. His acrylic, watercolour and mixed media work, rich in texture and blended colour, focuses on the intricate patterns and relationships in the landscape and the influence of natural processes,

    Max Kerly

    Inspired by architecture and a real passion for drawing, Max intricately depicts scenes and buildings of particular beauty in his eyes. His focus is to capture the minute details within his chosen subject, mostly using very fine pens, Max is

    Michael Claxton Fine Art

    Michael’s aim is to capture the essence of a distant view, capturing light interacting with the landscape. Michael likes to work from memory, giving him more freedom and expression and the ability to use bold open brush strokes alongside palette

    Michael Garaway

    Michael combines observations of contemporary urban landscape with geometry and pattern, using sensitive colour. He has exhibited regularly in the UK since the 1980’s, winning awards from the Manchester Academy of Fine Art, and showing at the Royal Academy summer

    Rebecca Parrott Art

    I have a passion for collage and creating beautiful pieces of art which are inspired by water, air, shape and movement. My work has developed over the years, using magazines and other materials to create intricate, evocative work reflecting the

    Ritva Georgiades

    Born and raised in North Finland and has been living in England since 1969. She attained her degree in Fine Art from Surrey Institute of Art & Design. Her work has been predominantly in mixed media and collage on paper.

    Karen Burling Art

    Karen is passionate about wildlife and the vibrant energy of the natural world. Karen works from her home studio, creating her unique styles, to captivate her audience, which has won her awards. Kareburln is happy to take commissions.

    Tom Cartmill

    Mixed media drawings and paintings characterised by their textured surfaces. Cartmill exhibits widely and has work in numerous public and private collections, including Reading Museum. Recent shows include The RA Summer Exhibition, The London Original Print Fair and The Royal

    Susan Harris Art

    Susan Harris is an artist working mainly in oils, her colourful expressive artworks are inspired by nature and collective memories and experiences. Susan now works from her studio in Co Kildare, Ireland.

    Susan Kirkman

    After leaving work as a physicist, Susan Kirkman studied painting with the Open College of the Arts and etching at Bristol’s School of Art and Design. She now experiments with a wide range of media, styles and subject-matter and exhibits

    Suzi Lowe

    Raised in Bournemouth and moving to Brighton, I relish living at the edge of the land. Being a swimwear print designer I find exuberant palettes, tropical flora, palms and the sea appear often in my semi abstract work. I love

    Tanja Moderscheim, Dutch Paintings

    Sill Life and tulip oil paintings by Dutch artist Tanja Moderscheim (London, Tanja uses 17th century techniques and pigments.  New for this fair: paintings of 16th – 19th century Dutch heritage tulips, still life paintings, limited edition signed prints

    Tanya Goddard

    After graduating from Moscow State University of Arts & Design Tanya has worked as:- stage and costume designer for Moscow theatres, curator for the Russian Ministry of Culture and an antique painting restorer in New York. She has had three

    Tess Chodan

    Tess Chodan creates artworks using insect specimens from historical collections – butterflies, moths, beetles – and gilded bees. Her work celebrates the tradition of collecting, reflects on memory and preservation, fragility and time and is inspired by a deep connection

    The Art Agency

    We show a mixed collection from a portfolio of established artists showcasing original paintings, sculpture and mixed media. We have had a gallery on Esher High Street in Surrey for nearly ten years now and regularly exhibit at many of

    The Art Buyer

    The Art Buyer is here to banish blank walls by introducing you to extraordinary artists and working with you to find your perfect piece. Whether you’re an established collector or a first-time buyer, The Art Buyer gallery and consultancy is

    The Firs Art House

    A house of Art with rooms to create and exhibit under one roof.

    The Princes Trust

    Dear visitors,  A very warm welcome to the ‘charity’ section of this Virtual Art Fair! Since 2005, The Prince’s Trust has worked closely with the Contemporary Art Fairs in the south of England.  Four times a year we ask the

    The Wey Gallery

    An independent gallery based in Godalming, Surrey that features an eclectic mix of modern, contemporary art and sculpture. Established in 2010 by Clare Richards and Julie Pugh Jones who have over 40 years experience in art galleries and publishing. Delighted

    Tiggy Hulse

    A classically trained artist who is listed in the Public Catalogue and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

    I am an artist who knew from the beginning that a cauldron of creative dynamism existed within. After pursuing careers in Banking and Consultancy, I eventually found my true passion and discovered fluid painting, using liquid inks, acrylics and water

    Tom Way Photography

    Tom Way is recognised for his both powerful and engaging portraiture of Africa’s large mammals. His work has been awarded in the worlds leading photographic competitions, including European Wildlife Photographer of The Year and The World Sony Awards.

    Sue Cook

    Sue Cook is a watercolour artist based near Farnham. Her subjects are primarily seascapes, cityscapes and still life, painted in places as diverse as Scotland, France, Morocco, Cuba and the USA. Sue is a frequent exhibitor at the Farnham Art

    Tracey Allen Artwork

    Tracey aims to capture the grace and spirit of the animals she paints. Similarly her abstracts capture emotions or evoke feelings to enhance the room or space. Tracey has undertaken numerous commissions for her animals and she has also been

    Tracey Kinniburgh

    Nature’s beautiful and ever changing landscapes are the inspiration for Tracey’s paintings. The modern range of colours used, highlight in intricate detail the amazing variation of the structure and shape of trees and plants. Her unique style of artwork is

    Tricia Moss

    I am a London-based contemporary, mixed media, abstract artist. I create bold, dynamic, multi-layered and richly textured, paintings. These are mostly on cradled wooden panels. Some on paper. I am inspired by anything! Big skies, bustling cities, music, the sea,

    Trudi Foggo

    A sense of belonging is integral to my work – the landscape abstracted. An inexactness that is open to more than one interpretation which can trigger somewhere remembered for them.

    Valentina Gonzalez Art

    Valentina Gonzalez is an independent artist and architect living and working in Reading, United Kingdom.

    Valeria Duca

    Valeria Duca held her first public exhibition at the young age of 12, in her home country of Moldova. Her focus has evolved over time from abstract to more figurative works. She has a passion for painting portraits and exploring

    Vasko Katzarski

    I am a Bulgarian artist and an interior designer with an experience for more than 25 years. Painting on glass-mirror is the medium of choice for my creative expression. I am also excited about the magic of craft craving which

    Wendy Kimberley Art

    Wendy is an award winning landscape painter from Norfolk in the UK. The British coastline, countryside and nature inspire her work as well as the urban footprint we leave on the earth. She paints in different media including traditional egg

    Wendy McCallum Art

    Wendy’s art can take days or weeks to complete, using layer after layer of resin within this creative process to create great depth within each piece and can incorporate various crystals and gemstones which have different properties and are believed

    Why Knot Art

    I do not have a style or genre. I am unique in that i create according to my mood and feelings. I like statement pieces that evoke conversation and feelings. My paintings are paintings within a painting, so you have

    Windsor Boys School

    Work displayed is by current A level Art and Photography students.

    Zaza Lewis

    I create detailed pictures by hand-cutting card and combining fabrics for colour and contrast. From a distance, it’s not obvious how the pictures are constructed but as you get closer you will start to notice the intricate detailed cuts contrasting

    Zed Talijan Art

    Born and raised in former Yugoslavia. “In my work, I like to look for the point where abstracts and realities meet… in that undefined space a visual freedom is created that plays between different interpretations”.

    Sue Firmin

    My painting is drawn from the natural world, the lines, shapes and textures I experience. I use acrylic, handmade collage items and drawing media to develop them.

    Sucheta Rose

    Sucheta is an emerging artist through lockdown. Although her interest in  art and painting started early on, she pursued another career.but she never forgot her first love. Her paintings show her fascination with landscapes and how we interact with it.

    Riverside Art and Glass

    Riverside Art and Glass sells contemporary painting, sculpture and art glass at our gallery space on the Norfolk Broads.As well as our exhibition space in Wroxham, we have a second in Norwich, Gallery in the Lanes.

    Sarah Cox - sjcoxart

    Inspired by walking the British landscape, Sarah’s abstract paintings contrast elements of tight, structured paint work with loose, atmospheric washes and gestural marks. Colour and texture are both dominant elements. Expect to see a mixture of sweeping brush strokes, palette

    Rob Pointon ROI

    Rob Pointon is an award winning plein air painter who is a full member of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters. He studied at the Royal Drawing School in Shoreditch.


    Rob is self-taught, inspired and attracted to light and reflections. Blending traditional old master’s techniques of oil painting with a contemporary style of colour harmony, shadow and composition, resulting in a fresh blend of both styles. Awards: Royal Miniature Society,

    Robin Mullen Contemporary Art

    A new collection of original paintings shown for the first time including a few surprises!

    Roland Lawar Studios

    My sculptures are conceived as ‘seen’ by me, as shapes, textures and colours and the arrangements of these elements in a three-dimensional form. they are inspired by my African origin, personal journeys, observations of daily life and the colours and

    Rose Gallery

    Based in Bath, England, but serving an international client base, Rose Gallery provides a range of art services in a friendly and approachable manner.  Our philosophy is to present Art To Live With: paintings that stand in the tradition of representational

    Russell Millner

    If not at home in the Lake District, can be found roaming the world with an interest in endangered wildlife. I’ve gone from fixing hearts to following my heart!

    Sally Harrold

    Sally paints large, vibrant abstract and semi-abstract landscapes in mixed media and exhibits in several galleries in Wales. She was a finalist in Creates Gallery Monmouth’s ‘Emerging Artist Award 2020’. She works part time as an NHS Staff Counsellor and

    Salome Gallan

    Salome Gallan is an abstract artist from West London. Her work is a colourful, energetic expression of her own life experiences, thoughts and dreams. She uses numerous layers, texture and vibrant colours to create a fun and uplifting feeling for

    Sandra Callowhill Glass

    Specialising in colour, texture and pattern, I craft individually designed pieces of glass art. A wide variety of wall panels and tabletop items are available.

    Sandra Scott Fine Art

    Art has always played a big part in my life. I am partially self taught but also had the opportunity to study with the Award Winning Realist Artist Gary J. Hernandez in Huston, TX. This experience took my art skills

    Sandy Dooley

    St Martin’s trained Sandy is a modern impressionist artist. She works and lives in rural Kent and is inspired by her environment. She chases light and vibrancy in her work, which is both figurative and abstracted. Sandy’s work is in

    Sara Sherwood

    Sara loves to paint and shares that joy in her art. Working in oils she produces both abstract contemporary art as well as cityscapes and skylines. She captures a sense of freedom: her signature style is in her sweeping dramatic

    Sara Vertigan

    Sara graduated with a degree in fashion textiles and worked successfully as a designer for years. Fine art was her calling though and in 2018 she began painting regularly. Sara works in oils, taking inspiration from the landscape. Simple mark

    Sarah Burton

    Sarah’s sculptural interest in form and passion for colour has led her to explore a variety of subject matter, particularly the landscape. She does not want her work to be representational, preferring to explore composition and shape. Her choice of

    Sarah Dalton Art

    Fine Art Ceramics – intricately hand painted and influenced by a hybrid of my wild Pennine surroundings and my time spent living in China.

    Studio Kavachi

    Swati’s style involves bold and bright colours and she loves using different textures to achieve bold and vibrant effects. Complimentary colours are often seen in her work. She is a firm believer in spreading joy & happiness through her work,

    Shanon King

    Hi, I am a Croatian abstract artist living with my 2 children and husband in the UK. I love creating vibrant colourful artwork using acrylic paint. I mainly paint with just my hands, no brushes used. I show case my

    Stuart Baker

    After winning all the major awards (and having a lot of fun) as an advertising art director, I decided to concentrate on my real passion, painting. I’ve been lucky enough to have received commissions covering a wide variety of subjects

    Steve Yeates Contemporary Sculptures

    Steve Yeates has the reputation of being the UK’s leading recycled figurative contemporary sculptor. Steve manipulates locally sourced vandalised bus shelter glass into beautiful dancing figures and transforms everyday discarded materials into engaging contemporary sculptures.

    Speculation Gallery

    Anthony O’Keefe is a self taught artist working professionally since 1984. Initially on portraits and equine studies, since opening his own gallery in Devon he has expanded his repertoire to include landscapes, seascapes and wildlife. He also has a series

    Sophie Robinson

    Sophie’s artwork is a response to her sensory and emotional experiences within different landscapes. She works from these experiences and her own introspection to inspire her and her imagination. When creating her work, she wishes to communicate  a sense of

    Sophie J Milton

    Surrey based artist Sophie explores the tension between form, line and colour in her work. Sometimes hinting at recognizable shapes, but mostly constructing abstract compositions that serve as a puzzle, a hint of reality that the onlooker seeks to resolve.

    Simon Bor

    I discovered printmaking at Cambridge’s art foundation course and later at St Martin’s School of Art. After an award-winning career in animation, I returned to printmaking, installing a press at my Devon studio. My work is inspired by the buildings,

    Shabs Beigh

    Shabs is a Cheshire based artist of Indian origin, who started his art career as a cartoonist illustrator 25 years ago. He mainly paints expressionist abstracts and  landscapes, he works at a fast pace, watching him paint is like watching

    Sarah Heppner Contemporary Fine Art

    I use still life to create contemplative compositions. Blending reality with surrealism, from the obvious towards the imaginative.

    Sarah Simonds-Gooding

    With a background in graphic design, Sarah’s art has an orderly feel. She adores pattern and looking at things from a different perspective. Her work has a repetitive nature and evolves from a simple idea or theme that is then

    Sarah Pye Fine Art

    Contemporary impressionist, depicting Nature’s beautiful scenes. Focusing on colour Light and life, with a playful sense of fun. Exhibiting in Galleries from Marylebone to the South coast, with collectors both at home and overseas. Commissions welcome

    Sarah Pettitt Designs

    I love to create paintings of landscapes and sculptures and capture moments of time before, during and after a storm.

    Sarah Ollerenshaw

    There is something very evocative of childhood about a bluebell wood – one never forgets seeing and smelling the bluebells for the first time … my paintings take you back to experience the wonder and delight of those treasured memories

    Sarah Louise Dunn

    Sarah is best known for her portraits of famous celebrities and focuses on creating intricate and detailed drawings using the traditional pencil. She is heavily influenced by her affection for her seaside home town, Whitstable where she has a gallery

    Sarah Hill Glass

    Sarah creates evocative landscapes and seascapes in fused glass, inspired by the Welsh coastline and Shropshire Border country.

    Karen Welsh

    Karen Welsh, born in Surrey in 1962. Trained as a commercial sign painter, her profession until moving to Wiltshire in 2011 when she began to paint full-time. Experimenting with gestural marking with other abstract painting techniques she strives to create

    Julie Anderson Art

    Vibrant, colourful exciting paintings.


    The A1 ART GALLERY  specialises in providing  the highest  quality original Fine Art from established and well known artists. The gallery supplies artworks to collectors worldwide and we offer a hassle-free art buying experience, helping clients build their art collections.

    Cat Randall

    I am a realist oil painter concentrating on portraiture and wildlife. I have been creating artworks that feature well known figures, but currently have undertaken some larger scale animal portraits and section studies of the human body and face. Working

    Berlin Walls Gallery

    A unique and impressive collection of modern, collectable and expressive late 20th century original artworks and prints on paper, for your walls, from the German capital. Managing the estate of Walter Lindner (1936-2007).’

    Bethany Kohrt

    Bethany Kohrt is an English abstract artist living in Germany. She is inspired by the Alpine landscape where she lives and works primarily in acrylic on canvas.

    Bev Jones

    I am a self taught artist living and working in the London borough of Croydon. My work focuses on expressing the extraordinary qualities of ordinary moments.

    Beverley Sweetman

    Beverley is a Watercolour Artist who creates highly detailed paintings of British wildlife and countryside animals. She is also a Mosaic Maker creating vibrate hand cut mosaics from glass and ceramics in a variety of subjects.

    Brilliant Brushstrokes

    A vibrant vision of landscape painting in oils, my creations bring British landmarks to life. Together we share a search for the hidden treasures of the natural world, immortalised through art. My goal is to inspire others to experience the
    5.00 average rating from 1 review

    Bromley and Bouverie

    Focusing on organic matter and natural landscapes Imogen builds layers of watered down and washed away textures to create perspective and emotion to her works. She draws on her experience as an interior designer to curate composition and specify colour.

    Bron Jones Art

    Inspired by the  patterns, colours and textures of the Welsh countryside where she lives, Bron works in acrylics, oils and mixed media to create bright, vibrant abstract landscape paintings that reflect her love of the natural world.  Her bold and

    Carol Gillan

    Original, unique oil & resin paintings of horses/dogs/cows & wildlife. Their humour, trust & friendship is an absolute delight & I’m privileged to convey this through commissions, galleries & Art Fairs. Featured in ‘Best House in Town’ BBC1. Originals/giclée prints exhibited
    26 Rectory Lane, Ashtead, KT21 2BB, United Kingdom


    A vision of uncompromising colour and beautiful landscapes, the scenes that Carole captures simply shimmer, awash with feeling. She works in acrylics, watercolour and mixed media to produce evocative works of art on canvas and paper and hopes that her

    Caroline Bromley-Gardner ASEA

    I am an artist and sculptor painting landscape and animal studies in oil and sculpting animal figures to cast in bronze. I trained for three years in Italy and have completed many and varied commissions. My work is in collections

    Caroline Cornelius

    Caroline draws on her past experience as a textile designer searching for incidental patterns and using a limited colour palette to simplify and stylise images. Her paintings have been selected for the Royal Watercolour Society’s Contemporary Competition, exhibiting at Bankside

    Carys Jones Photography

    Award-winning equine fine art photographer, Carys Jones specialises in creating simple but powerful images of horses in their native environments. Her limited edition images emphasise natural horse behaviours and she prefers to work in black and white and soft, delicate

    Casey Art

    Daniel describes himself as an eclective expressive experimental no rules abstract artist who is not held to any particular style. He likes the use of bright colours, but is not afraid of the “dark”. His work is sought after more

    Cat Croxford

    Based in West Berkshire, Cat finds her inspiration from the Berkshire Downs and from her travels to European forests and gardens. Cat paints the changing light of the seasons, attracted to strong contrasts, rich colours and natural patterns. Her intent

    Catherine Kennedy

    Seascape painter born in Buckinghamshire, Catherine moved to Devon 15 years ago and is now based in Teignmouth. BA Fine Art University of Plymouth. The strong tides and rough seas of Devon and Cornish coastline inspire her work. She is

    BEARSPACE, London

    BEARSPACE creates a launchpad for visual art, discovering and promoting talent based on technique, quality and imagination for individuals to follow, collect and enjoy.

    Cathy Whittall Art

    Cathy returned to her first love of art following the death of her eldest son and has immersed herself in her art since.

    Ceramic Art Whitway

    Ceramic Art Whitway is a working studio and established gallery south of Newbury. Teresa Munn works with poetry in clay scripted forms. Moya Tosh’s bark sculptures reflect nature’s distortions and imperfections. Sally Courage’s large coiled pots take on abstracted natural

    Chaotic Curiosity

    My name is Victoria Meering, I was born in Hong Kong in 1965 to a very artistic Scottish-Welsh family. As a child I travelled to amazing locations before settling in Britain. I primarily use acrylics developing a loose, free, fluid

    Charlotte Gerrard

    Charlotte creates unique and optimistic imagery of animals. She is an avid environmentalist and her work strives to portray the worthiness of animals in our society.  Her paintings of Indian cows (her favoured subjects) alongside ducks and hares are brought

    Cherrie Mansfield

    Cherrie uses acrylics and mixed media to create bold, expressive artwork that catches the eye and fires the imagination. She says “Colour excites me, grabs my attention and fuels my creativity.” Close examination of Cherrie’s work reveals mesmerising contours of

    Cherry Parsons Art

    I was born and bred in Sussex and have been painting for many years. I work mainly in acrylics and enjoy portaiture, seascapes and landscapes. Sunshine, Light, Water and Laughter are my influences. I have recently ventured into the world

    Chris Hensher

    Working from his studio in Sanderstead, Chris Hensher uses oils, watercolour and various printmaking and drawing techniques to depict people, portraits and landscapes. His work has been shown in national exhibitions by the Royal Watercolour Society and the University of

    Christine Baxter Sculpture

    Christine is classically trained having studied at Camberwell School of Arts, London, and graduated in the 80’s. Since, Christine has developed an impressive CV having worked for: Disney, Lucas Film and Beatrix Potter. As a figurative sculptor she works predominantly

    Christine Bleny

    My Art is oriented toward positivity, pleasure, aesthetic sense, glamour, exuberance and an overall faith in society.  My work is an amalgam of many styles – the luxury of Art Deco against the brilliance of metal leaf; the exoticism of

    Christine Savage

    Christine selects unusual cuts and colours of precious and semi-precious stones, combined with silver and various colours of gold, she builds layers of texture and colour.  Her stylised jewellery designs beautifully and comfortably remind one of their inspirations, from magnificent

    Claire Burke Art

    Eye-catching abstract pieces in acrylic, my work usually shows movement and contrast which often resolves into landscapes. I’m a first-timer at this venue bringing my affordable, original artwork to a new audience, please stop and say hello.

    Clinton Banbury

    I am a contemporary water-colourist that combines fluid and precise brush line work with clear flat washes of colour. My preconceived designs based on my own experience of the natural world simply cover a plane surface forming coherent patterns of

    Colleen Conti

    I work in oil, acrylic and mixed-media on a variety of scales and substrates, with landscape as my starting point. My work is a fusion of naturalistic and  expressionist qualities. Recent pieces explore partially abstract interpretations of the visual elements.

    Becky Mair

    Becky is an award-winning artist. Becky has developed her own immediate response to a technique deveoped by the abstract artist Jackson Pollock, whilst studying his process at University. His unique style “has inspired me to produce a fluid, energetic, representational

    Barry Laden MBE

    With particular emphasis on art and design, Barry has worked within the world of design for more than 20 years. He exhibited his own art at The Laden Showroom in London’s Brick Lane for 17 years and his pieces are

    Crispin Holder

    Crispin’s interest lies in the definition of form and application of colour theory to create intriguing and challenging compositions. His thought process is inspired by everyday visual experiences, a sense of place and time and the idiosyncratic nature of human

    Abbie McMurray Artist

    My interest in paint, painting and “the painting” is vast. In particular, what I find most visually and emotively satisfying to paint is endangered species.

    Adam Daniels

    Original paintings by North East English Artist Adam Daniels. Studied BA (Hons) Fine Art, University of Sunderland, M A Fine Art, University of Northumbria. Adam’s work is figurative but with an eye for the abstract, depicting scenes reminiscent of surrealism.

    Alan Carlyon Smith

    People and their environments are inspirational for Alan. He responds to his life events and the emergent outcomes may be figurative or abstracted. His paintings and sculpture often share a common starting point relating to the human form. Working from

    Alan James McLeod

    Highly textural, handpainted papers are collaged together to create mainly abstract compositions that invite the viewer’s own interpretation. Evocative of worn and weathered surfaces, far off lands and ancient artefacts.

    Alan Wallis Sculpture

    Alan was born in London but brought up and educated in Guildford. He attended Guildford School of Art in the 1960’s where he studied Fine Art and ceramics and won the Thames and Hudson prize for painting. He works alone

    Alex Brown Paintings

    Since graduating from Camberwell School of Art, London, in the 1980's Alex has been practising as a professional artist. He paints from life and is inspired by nature and natural events. The subject of all his work is light, colour
    Tregare Monmouthshire ​ NP15 2BZ
    077591 80680

    Alexander Korzer-Robinson

    Alexander Korzer-Robinson is a UK-based artist whose work transforming antiquarian books has brought him international acclaim. Working mainly in collage and related techniques, the practice's focus are sculptural artworks made from antiquarian books.

    Ali Mourabet

    Ali Mourabet is a Lebanese contemporary artist. According to the International Confederation of Critics, Ali “possesses a rare ability to stimulate viewers as he conveys artistic ideas that are communicated and encapsulated as a direct consequence of an inner journey

    Alice Harvey

    Taking inspiration from city and sea, Alice creates contemporary abstract paintings made up of many layers. Her work provides both moments of interest and contrasting space in each piece.

    Alice Lucy Art

    Kerry is a wildlife artist with a twist. Married to a South African, she has spent a lot of time in Southern Africa and the colours of the place and people in that part of the world have influenced her

    Alice Sheridan

    Alice creates dynamic paintings rich with texture. Her layered approach leads to abstract paintings which combine subtle variation with a strong graphic edge.

    Alison G Saunders

    My current series of works is inspired by the tropical fish we keep, my love of colour, inks, of printmaking and sometimes mixing them all up together. The methods I employ to produce these many layered works is as fluid

    Alison Orchard Fine Art

    Alison’s gestural paintings, inspired by sea, land and sky, have a fearless confidence in their gutsy application of paint, layered brushstrokes and expressive marks. Her encaustic wax abstracts, provide a sophisticated statement, with translucent, tactile colour. A respected and established

    Amanda Bates

    Hampshire-based artist Amanda distils the essence of place into impressionistic oil paintings and exquisitely detailed ink drawings, reminiscent of fairy tale illustrations. Trees, hills and moving water all feature in an idiosyncratic celebration of the English countryside and coast.

    Barry Fry

    Barry takes his inspiration from his travels both home and abroad. Painting mainly with acrylics and oils using pallet knives he is especially interested in exploring the use of colour, tone and contrasting light. In this respect, some observers have

    Ancel Gallery

    Ancel is an online gallery based in London that support and collaborates with emerging artists. Our mission is to reinvent the approach to discovering and collecting contemporary art by making new and exciting art available to as many people as

    Andrew Cottrell Artworks

    Andrew works in acrylics, his work is influenced by N.C. and Andrew Wyeth and Anthony Green R.A. His studio is in Westbury, Wiltshire. Andrew has exhibited at Reading and Windsor Contemporary Art Fairs, Bath Art Fair and solo exhibitions.

    Andrew Hird

    Andrew Hird is a contemporary landscape painter, working both on location and in the studio. He paints to share his personal world and hopefully transmit some of the pleasure he finds in recording it. He has won various awards and

    Andy Walker

    Based in the Cotswolds, Andy's portfolio comprises landscapes that initially appear pictorial from a distance but, upon closer inspection, reveal thousands of coloured triangles. Fascinated by colour, geometric shapes and tonal effects Andy's unique style is based on his own

    Angela Melkis

    A professional full-time artist, making art is my passion. It is an intimate reflection of how nature makes me feel, whether I’m in awe of its striking beauty or soothed by its calmness and peace. Exhibitions include Mall Gallery, London;
    07770 957494

    Anjali Bansal Purkayastha

    London based artist Anjali’s illustrative style creates visual stories composed entirely of  vocabulary of patterns. Her work has been exhibited and sold in India, singapore, Korea, Thailand and UK.

    Anna Beer Art

    I paint in watercolour on Yupo, a non absorbant surface. I love the way the paint moves and has to evaporate by various means to work its magic. Inspiration is from nature, although the finished works are often more lyrical

    Anna Clarke Art

    I love representing the natural world in an abstract form, capturing its essence whilst leaving something to the viewer’s imagination. I work in a range of media from oil, mixed media and acrylics to handmade felt.

    Art by Carolyn Miller

    Carolyn has decades of experience in creative and artistic fields – the theatre, modelling, dress design as well as image consulting and colour analysis. Now, inspired by her love for flowers and nature she paints in a modern innovative style

    Art is by Carol Burns

    Carol Burns is a professional artist and illustrator who has been working out of her Wiltshire studio since 2009. Her work has been featured in magazines across the globe, she has illustrated numerous books (including a graphic novel) and her

    Art Matters

    Lizzie Perkins is a printmaker who draws inspiration from wildlife in the environment. Her design originals are all achieved through hand-cut paper stencils – one for each colour laid down via the mesh of a screen in a process repeated
    Bethesda Street Upper Basildon Berkshire, RG8 8NU
    01491 671758

    Art Times Gallery

    Liu Yilin is a Master Artist whose paintings have been compared with Picasso. He ranks among the most versatile and productive artists alive today. Kou Zonge is a blue chip Artist renowned for his brilliant watercolour paintings. He is a
    30-32 Tabard Street, London, SE1 4JU
    +44 (0) 20 38878507

    athertongreenart gallery

    Creating vibrant contemporary collections athertongreenart gallery is an online contemporary art gallery, bringing the exciting talents of a select group of emerging and mid-career artists to collectors and new buyers of art. Our artists create fine art, mixed media and

    Corinne Natel

    Corinne Natel is a contemporary artist, specialising in abstract paintings. Corinne aims to create vibrant and emotive works that allude to another world. Corinne has sold works in the UK and internationally, exhibited at contemporary galleries, as well as at

    Culture In Stone

    Originating from Harare-Zimbabwe, Culture In Stone is passionate about promoting the work of some of the finest Zimbabwean Shona stone sculptors.

    Jos Haigh

    I am an enthusiastic wildlife and flower artist. I enjoy experimenting with unconventional colour combinations whilst maintaining the essential charm of the object. I paint blousy peonies or haughty giraffes or soaring birds, in an array of vibrant and extraordinary

    Isabel Pearce Art

    Isabel is an abstract contemporary artist working with acrylics.. She uses a variety of techniques to create vibrant landscapes and vivid floral interpretations. Her unique approach to the surface of the canvas, produces truly uplifting artworks. She was recently commissioned

    Frank Pretorius

    As  designer, filmmaker and painter Frank keeps trying to find opportunities to tell stories through his art.  Frank’s purpose is to take a snapshot –  through images and sound – that explains what it is like to be alive at

    Fraser Renton

    Geometric, Hard Edge, Minimalist and 3D fascinates me. Using acrylics on Aluminium or Birch surfaces and Alu-Mesh sculptured over fabrics, my goals are to conceptualise, capture and design new and fascinating linear-geometric abstract art that delivers a capacity to create


    David describes his work as being founded on the traditions of the Old Masters through to the great French impressionists but cites Robert Lenkiewicz as a major influence

    Geoff Beckett

    Vibrant textured landscapes in acrylic and resin and quirky animals with a sense of humour.

    Georgia Hart

    Georgia Hart is a British Canadian palette knife painter working in oil and acrylic, creating semi abstract landscapes with depth and texture. The deliberate ambiguity and abstract element in Hart’s work encourage the viewer to form their own unique connection

    Gill Smith Prints

    Gill takes inspiration from bold Art Deco graphics, mid century design and the visual illusions of Op Art to create original prints and cut paper artworks exploring light, texture and movement. She has an MA in Printmaking from Camberwell College

    Gillian Paterson Studios

    Gill’s passion lies with painting and drawing. She adores working outside ‘en plein air’  capturing the atmosphere and quality of light on location. Gill brings her inspiration together from her Surrey based studio. She cleverly crafts materials found on location

    Gin Durham Cermaics

    Gin Durham’s quirky and imaginative ceramics are inspired by storytelling and a life-long fascination with the representation of animals in culture. She draws on imagery which has been shaped by treasured tales and translates them into beautifully crafted work, rich

    Grace Ellen

    Immersive landscape paintings inspired by the great diversity seen in British nature and wildlife.

    Gregory Mason

    Greg is a modern figurative painter creating atmospheric scenes that are visually and technically striking whilst holding a deeper narrative.  His work is highly collectable with accolades including Saatchi’s ‘One to Watch, Finalist on both Sky Arts Portrait and Landscape

    Hannah Bruce

    Hannah Bruce is an award winning Artist who studied at Cambridge University. She lives and works as a professional Artist in Surrey. Her Art has been sold all over the world and she does commissions in a variety of scales.

    Hannah Van Bergen

    Hannah creates lively bold cityscapes and contemporary deckchair/ski scenes on canvas. “People have described my work as “happy art” and I like that, I think if you’re going to invest in a painting and hang it on your wall it

    Heather Irvine Contemporary Wildlife Art

    Contemporary conservation wildlife and animal artist working in acrylics, charcoal and mixed media. Bold bright paintings and energetic movement based drawings. Heather gives back to conversation projects across Africa through her work. BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year 2012, David

    Helen Long

    Helen’s inspiration comes from her love of the countryside and coast. She captures the changing light, reflections and colours in nature, creating calming and peaceful as well as atmospheric landscapes and seascapes in oils.

    J M Parker

    John’s current work shows a blend of two styles, a contemporary take on the classical. Traditional materials and techniques punctuated with exciting modern flair, influenced by rural surroundings his recent paintings reflect an emotional state as much as pictorial accuracy,

    Frances Ackland-Snow

    Frances’ work has integrity and a subliminal message behind them. She paints prolifically and in a series based on the response to emotion. Her intention is to convey the encompassing feeling inside your inner core, where the artist connects to

    J Suyi Studio

    J Suyi’s creations stem from her emotions, instincts, culture, environment and a quest to explore deeper philosophical questions about humanity and existence. She intuitively improvises with mixed materials, bright colours and metallic pigments, creating textured audacious abstracts, ranging from small

    Jane Johansson

    Jane is a contemporary equine artist exploring the shape and soul or the horse, where the world of abstraction meets reality, searching to express the energy and essence of these incredible animals, through colour, texture, form and layers. “She studied

    Jenny Green

    Having come from a background of interior design fuelled by passion for colour my painting started with an exploration into abstracts. Over time my inspiration for painting became more focused when I began to explore harbours, buildings and woodlands. I

    Jenny Ulyatt

    Jenny is a contemporary watercolour artist. She is inspired by the British landscape, especially the North East, Yorkshire and the Isles of Scilly. Her paintings are full of  movement, colour and energy, making the most of watercolours translucent pigments and

    Jessie Woodgate

    Currently working in watercolour, Jessie explores the mix of history and modernity, human communication and urban life by creating city scenes that include figures, buildings and graffiti. Jessie was shortlisted for The Sunday Times Watercolour competition 2019.

    Jo Charlton

    Jo is a self taught artist, living in Paris. Jo started her series of trees due to her love of nature. Trees are our life blood, vital to our survival and the oxygen we breathe. Focusing of their beauty using

    Jo Ellis

    Contemporary artworks of cityscape and landscape by Chinese artist Jo Ellis. She likes working in mixed mediums to created texture and depth. Mixing both eastern and western styles and techniques which often results in unusual interpretation of familiar subjects.

    Jo Louca

    Painter in oil and watercolour, concentrating on the elemental power of light and atmosphere, celebrating the sublime beauty of life itself. Frequently the initial inspiration for paintings comes simply from gazing up at a light filled canopy, the magical effect
    Woking, Surrey, United Kingdom

    Jocelyn Horsfall Photography

    A fine art photographer, specialising in painterly and impressionistic images inspired by flowers and nature, creating wall art with a fluid, organic feel and a sense of harmony and well-being. An Associate of the Royal Photographic Society and award winner

    John Afflick

    Contemporary painter reinventing the Art of Craftsmanship.

    John O'Neill

    John O’Neill is a UK artist based in the Space 2.0 studio Stavanger, Norway. He sketches in watercolour in the outdoors and often sets up a french easel with a canvas in the harsh conditions typical of the Rogaland weather.

    John Ryan

    Captures an all embracing vision of the majestic Scottish landscape with a comprehensive range of elegantly framed vibrant oil paintings.

    Jonathan Newey Fine Art

    Jonathan Newey is an award winning artist who lives and works in Reading. His work is an exploration of colour relationships and how they interact when poured on to a smooth board or canvas. He experiments with different colour densities

    Jonquil Williamson

    Esher based, Jonquil takes inspiration from capturing the vibrancy of colour and texture in fruit and how that combines with the simplicity of everyday pots, bottles, and bowls.  Strong geometric lines give a vibrancy to her contemporary still life.

    Frances Jordan

    Frances studied at Central St Martins London and obtained a BA Hons Degree in Fine Art. She has a love of the natural world and finds inspiration for her work from the forces of nature. As an artist, using nature

    Fiona Pearce

    Born in Guildford, I studied Art at what was then known as the West Surrey College of Art and Design in Farnham. I work mainly in acrylic, applying thick layers with credit cards, fingers and occasionally a brush from my
    Upper Farringdon, Hampshire. GU343DY
    07 894324833

    Cy Baker - Biro Artist

    Producing beautiful artworks inspired by the world around him, Cy Baker has a unique style, working in biro on linen canvas. He has exhibited and sold around the world winning a number of awards including the earth's wild beauty award
    07739 530 248

    Dr Martin Raskovsky

    Raskovsky’s creative genius, an outstanding innovation to photographic art. A refined vision transforming photography into post-impressionistic masterpieces. Creates movement that vibrates all the nuances of a wild and rampant nature. Rich imaginative able to relieve viewers from accepted norms of

    Dacre Art

    Dacre Art is an art consultancy representing a range of talented, emerging artists from around the UK striving to provide affordable, original artwork for today’s art market, in the form of paintings, works on paper, sculpture and ceramics.

    Dairo Vargas

    Colombian by birth, Dairo Vargas is a contemporary fine artist who specialises in landscapes. His paintings are inspired by places in the UK that hold a particular resonance – Sussex’s South Downs, The Black Mountains in Wales, the Yorkshire Dales


    Danny’s experience is formidable,: figurative, portraiture – inc. Political, celebrities and private commissions – landscape paintings, in multiple mediums AND are contemporary. His work has been shown at major exhibitions including Royal Portrait Society, Royal Academy, Royal Institute of Painters

    David A Finney

    Over the last 10 years I have developed a particular style; painting freely in acrylics with palette knives, brushes and extreme enthusiasm- combined with a controlled splattering of paint – onto canvasboard. Uniquely, I also apply this technique to handmade

    David Meeking Art

    Sea and landscapes painting in oil. Work inspired by the changing seasons, building an atmosphere through texture and mark making.

    Dawn Conn Sculpture

    Oxfordshire sculptor, Dawn merges memory, wonder and joy. Each sculpture has their own narrative and emotional connection, that touch the free spirit in us, most often through memories of childhood. Dawns work is essentially figurative and rooted in human connections,

    Dawn Reader

    Oil painter of sea and land memorising a fleeting moment, resonating deep within and embracing the freedom found in the wild. It’s not about any place but by extracting the detritus I focus on the peace and stillness. Featured in

    Deborah Hook

    Inspired by nature and fascinated with light, Deborah combines both within the medium of glass. Each panel is drawn and carved by hand, creating a unique piece every time.

    Desirables by Deborah Waters

    Self-taught, Deborah Waters works in pen and ink. She developed a style of intricate patterning representing texture and shading. High quality rhinestones are added to create her trademark sparkle. Although her work does not photograph well, Deborah keeps a Facebook

    Diana Jane

    Diana Jane creates photographic images that have an ethereal quality and are akin to a watercolour painting. Diana Jane tries to capture the essence of time and memory within her work. The subject of memory is complex and ever changing,

    Diane Haddon-Moore MA

    Using a contemporary approach Diane transforms everyday subjects, scenes and landscapes into striking, vibrant and beautiful paintings. A colourist, Diane’s love of bright, dramatic contrasting hues finds vivid expression in her work encouraging the viewer to see and explore subjects

    Donna Loiola - Contemporary Artist

    Donna paints intuitively in an expressionist style using a variety of art media from acrylic, oil bars, pastel, ink and elements of collage. Colour and light are her muse. She creates work depicting abstractions of places and experiences that she

    Dorothy Stapleton

    After training at Wimbledon School of Art, Dorothy Stapleton established an international reputation as a textile artist. More recently, she has concentrated on paperbased media and her work on display will include collages, linocuts, wood engravings and paper-marbling pieces, all

    Eddie Hyde Photography

    Award winning photography from Dr Edward A Hyde ARPS. Commendations in the Landscape Photographer of the Year for 2 years in a row, The International Landscape Photographer of the Year, the Siena International Photography Awards, The Royal Meteorological Society Weather

    Faye Bridgwater

    Faye spends her days looking at the sky and out to sea. Her paintings capture fleeting moments of light, playful movement and thrilling feelings. A contemporary landscape artist, her work is influenced by the coastline, with its tall, white, bold

    Emily Penfold

    Emily Penfold is a British multidisciplinary artist, recently graduated with a First Class Honours from Central Saint Martins. Emily is interested in the hybrid between fine art and performance practices. She delves into our human fragility and internal energies and

    Erica Sturla Original Art

    Erica works in polymer clay and acrylics to create figurative, three-dimensional scenes. Inspirations are firmly rooted in the simple pleasures of everyday life – the joy is in creating a painting that celebrates the familiar in a new and exciting

    Erica Just

    Erica Just works as an artist and illustrator and exhibits her work nationally and internationally. Her water colour paintings are painted directly from life. Inspired by hedgerows, wastelands and meadows. The paintings work singularly, in pairs or as a triptych

    Emma Tweedie Art

    Emma Tweedie is an emerging artist with a London based studio. She creates literal and abstracted artworks, embracing an extensive range of materials and techniques including mixed media, paper, canvases and abstracted printmaking.

    Emma Rose

    Award winning artist based near Bath specialising in impressionistic painting with an emphasis on colour and texture. Using Indian inks and acrylics she produces pictures based on land, sea, sky, nature and memory reflecting her interest in Wabi-Sabi.

    Emma Ratcliffe Resin Artist

    Colour, abstract and high gloss are my passion. A self taught artist looking to experiment with new mediums and ideas. Always pushing for new concepts to be different and a focus point of conversation. Contemporary, modern and individual is my

    Emma J Read - Cedars Yard

    Emma paints intuitively, letting the paint and its processes guide. Often inspired by the sea, capturing its wild ways, calm points and stunning beauty in her abstract paintings. She hopes they’ll draw you in, turn you about and have you

    Emily Faludy Fine Art

    Emily Faludy is a landscape painter in oils, making work primarily ‘plein air’ (‘from life’) as this allows her to transfer something of the energy and immediacy of responding directly to the subject. Her work is full of light and

    Elaine Almond

    Intuitive abstract artist: inspired by nature, countryside or sea and by life experiences and journeys. Elaine paints emotionally expressive, colourful abstracts and occasional seascapes principally in acrylics and oils, designed to lift the spirits or for reflection on the deeper

    Ellie Hipkin

    My artwork is my way to share how art and nature has had such a big impact in healing me. The use of colour, the layering of the paint with mono printing and embroidery to create mood and atmosphere but

    Ellie Contreras Art

    Ellie Contreras has a degree in graphic design and illustration and worked in the creative industry for several years while developing her painting skills before becoming a professional artist. She paints in an energetic expressive style blending realism with abstraction.

    Elizabeth Mikellides

    Working conceptually, Elizabeth explores the relationship between musical notation and drawing – a practice Elizabeth often refers to as ‘drawing music’. It is the crossover and interpretation of one form into the other that gives rise to modern and colourful

    Elena Peresvetova Fine Art

    Elena Peresvetova is an artist who incorporates in her art her passion for impressionistic painting and contemporary conceptual thinking, exploring the ideas of traditionalism in the contemporary art world. Her vivid still lifes seem to jump to life through nothing

    Eleanor McKnight Art

    I live between the UK and Turks & Caicos Islands. My inspiration comes from travel and absorbing the wealth of beauty from the planet. My work is atmospheric and emotional.

    Elaine Ford

    Elaine is a contemporary impressionist-style landscape artist with a passion for the sea and strong use of colour. Her role as a Stunt Coordinator/Performer in Film and Television is reflected in her paintings which are an amalgamation of drama, imagination

    Zosia Olenska

    Figurative art across a range of media with a focus on painting. Zosia’s work embodies a sense of optimism through an examination of everyday environments. She has exhibited at the Mall Galleries and was a heat artist on Sky Landscape