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Born and raised in former Yugoslavia. “In my work, I like to look for the point where abstracts and realities meet… in that undefined space a visual freedom is created that plays between different interpretations”.


Lesley is a self taught contemporary artist based in Warnham, West Sussex. Her sculptures encapsulate a moment in time, involving the careful play of light with shadow. Much of the content of her work is brilliant white, with striking splashes of colour providing a dramatic contrast-designed to make you smile!


Contemporary, vibrant watercolour paintings. Karen's award-winning paintings have been exhibited at The Royal Geographical Society, The National Trust and RHS venues and in galleries nationwide. Focused mainly on wildlife and nature-inspired subjects, her paintings brighten any interior space.


Penelope is an established artist from Shropshire, She has been selling her iconic work for seventeen years. Her work can be seen in galleries throughout the UK. Award winning and a member of the Society of Women Artists.


I am an artist who knew from the beginning that a cauldron of creative dynamism existed within. After pursuing careers in Banking and Consultancy, I eventually found my true passion and discovered fluid painting, using liquid inks, acrylics and water colours. I create contemporary abstract art, exploring movement and light.


A single image has the power to communicate in a way words often can't. Using
digital photography and advanced editing techniques I create award winning art that is recognisably photography, remains believable, yet cannot be real. My work has been exhibited in the UK, Europe, Asia and USA.



Using the simple traditional medium of pencil, Turner embodies the simplicity of fine art. His hyper realistic drawings are decisive, obsessed with light and texture and imbued with a confidence that comes from technical mastery of his medium. Exhibit highlights include the Royal Society of British Artists Open Exhibition and Affordable Art Fair, Singapore.


Emma Tweedie is an emerging artist with a London based studio. She records plein air paintings and then develops these further in both literal and abstracted forms embracing an extensive range of materials and techniques including mixed media, paper, canvases and abstracted printmaking. She derives inspiration and a cultural colour palette from her Northern Irish birthplace.

Mixed Media, Painting, Textile Art

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