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Alex creates paintings rich in colour and texture. His work is all about capturing moments when elements in nature combine and conspire to turn the mundane into the majestic. Through committing these moments to canvas, Alex looks to return the viewer to life with greater emotion.


Having spent a glorious week in Venice, learning from our mentor, our merry band found that it was so much nicer working as a group with common purpose rather than alone and so The Embankment Cafe Society was born. We are delighted to show you the fruits of our labours.

Gallery, Painting

Internationally acknowledged artist Helen Elliott's career spans three decades. Her paintings take colour, line, design and distill minimalise and refine these elements; blending complex texture with infinite subtle shifts of light. Helen has studios and galleries in West Wales and East Yorkshire. Commissions welcomed.


Jo is a Hong Kong born Chinese artist who has travelled and lived around the world. She likes mixing both eastern and western techniques and styles to create unusual interpretations of rural and urban landscapes and townscapes. Jo works mainly with mixed media on  canvas and paper.



Focusing on metaphors and symbolism, reflecting enjoyment for the natural world, evoking thoughtfulness and humor. Creating conceptual illustrations for a wide range of international clients from editorial to advertising, using traditional photographic and silkscreen printing techniques.


Michelle Elwell creates original digital artworks inspired by the ephemeral beauty of nature. Her vibrant and ethereal images capture the beauty and grace of flowers in a unique way. By digitally manipulating and enhancing her photographs, these transient and fragile flowers are given a renewed permanence.

Digital Art, Photography

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