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People and their environments are inspirational for Alan. He responds to his life events and the emergent outcomes may be figurative or abstracted. His paintings and sculpture often share a common starting point relating to the human form. Working from his Wimbledon studio, he exhibits in London and the regions.

Painting, Sculpture

Alice creates dynamic paintings rich with texture. Her layered approach leads to abstract paintings which combine subtle variation with a strong graphic edge.


My current series of works is inspired by the tropical fish we keep, my love of colour, inks, of printmaking and sometimes mixing them all up together. The methods I employ to produce these many layered works is as fluid and interesting as the fish we look after.

Painting, Printmaking

Beverley is a Watercolour Artist who creates highly detailed paintings of British wildlife and countryside animals. She is also a Mosaic Maker creating vibrate hand cut mosaics from glass and ceramics in a variety of subjects.

Mosaics, Watercolour

Christine selects unusual cuts and colours of precious and semi-precious stones, combined with silver and various colours of gold, she builds layers of texture and colour.  Her stylised jewellery designs beautifully and comfortably remind one of their inspirations, from magnificent landscapes to the fascinating shapes and textures of insects.


After training at Wimbledon School of Art, Dorothy Stapleton established an international reputation as a textile artist. More recently, she has concentrated on paperbased media and her work on display will include collages, linocuts, wood engravings and paper-marbling pieces, all demonstrating her highly individual and sometimes quirky approach.

Mixed Media, Printmaking

Erica works in polymer clay and acrylics to create figurative, three-dimensional scenes. Inspirations are firmly rooted in the simple pleasures of everyday life - the joy is in creating a painting that celebrates the familiar in a new and exciting way.

Mixed Media

Gill takes inspiration from bold Art Deco graphics, mid century design and the visual illusions of Op Art to create original prints and cut paper artworks exploring light, texture and movement. She has an MA in Printmaking from Camberwell College of Arts.


J Suyi's creations stem from her emotions, instincts, culture, environment and a quest to explore deeper philosphical questions about humanity and existence. She intuitively improvises with mixed materials, bright colours and metallic pigments, creating textured audacious abstracts, ranging from small to large scale works using expressive strokes and different markings.

Mixed Media, Painting

Art has always played a big part in my life. I am partially self taught but also had the opportunity to study with the Award Winning Realist Artist Gary J. Hernandez in Huston, TX. This experience took my art skills to higher levels and my passion for painting has flourished ever since.


Sara loves to paint and shares that joy in her art. Working in oils she produces both abstract contemporary art as well as cityscapes and skylines. She captures a sense of freedom: her signature style is in her sweeping dramatic skies. Her use of colour is truly unique. Tiny details of birds, flowers and figures are hidden in the work. She also hides special dates such as birthdays and anniversaries in the texture of the paint. Her latest collection is inspired by scripture as well as her own creative writing. Sara has completed hundreds of orders over the last 15 years and the answer is yes to any creative challenge and she welcomes commissions.



I love to create paintings of landscapes and sculptures and capture moments of time before, during and after a storm.


With a background in graphic design, Sarah's art has an orderly feel. She adores pattern and looking at things from a different perspective. Her work has a repetitive nature and evolves from a simple idea or theme that is then reproduced into small individual images that are grouped together creating a final piece of work.

Mixed Media, Photography

Anthony O'Keefe is a self taught artist working professionally since 1984. Initially on portraits and equine studies, since opening his own gallery in Devon he has expanded his repertoire to include landscapes, seascapes and wildlife. He also has a series of portraits of his chickens painted during lock down.


Swati's style involves bold and bright colours and she loves using different textures to achieve bold and vibrant effects. Complimentary colours are often seen in her work. She is a firm believer in spreading joy & happiness through her work, so while they may prompt some deep thoughts from viewers, they have a very happy and positive vibe to them.


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