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Alice creates dynamic paintings rich with texture. Her layered mixed media approach mixes an urban feel with more traditional landscapes, giving abstract paintings with a strong graphic edge. Her use of colour brings richness and depth to the work, creating sophisticated paintings you will continue to see fresh for many years.

Mixed Media, Painting

My current series of works is inspired by the tropical fish we keep, my love of colour and of printmaking; Sometimes mixing them up together. The methods I employ to produce these varied and many layered works, is as fluid and interesting as the fish we look after.

Painting, Printmaking

Alison is a professional, award winning artist, known for her unique interpretation of wildlife. Over the last twenty years she has developed her distinctive style, combining her knowledge and interest in wildlife, with contemporary design. She is a signature member of the Society of Animal Artists based in the USA and gains commissions internationally.


Amanda spent her childhood rescuing dragons from princes and her early adult life attempting to understand uncertainty. She is now an artist. Working predominantly in landscape, Amanda paints in oil with a knife. Her work is finely observed and rendered with a distinctive blend of clarity, energy and deconstructed colour.

Oil, Painting

Artist and illustrator Andrew studied painting and illustration at Falmouth School of Art. Andrew works in acrylics, his work is influenced by N.C. and Andrew Wyeth and Anthony Green R.A. His studio is in Westbury, Wiltshire. Andrew has exhibited at Reading and Windsor Contemporary Art Fairs, Bath Art Fair and solo exhibitions.