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Specialising in contemporary art glass, we seek out the most artistic and inspired designs from across the world and bring them to the discerning customer here in the UK. Our unique 3-dimensional art pieces add a touch of colour, design and personality to your home.

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Gallery, Glass

I have worked with paint and colour all my life as a scenic decorator for TV. I love working with colour and creating statement pieces. Last year I was privileged to have exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, my painting was sold on the first night.


My interest in paint, painting and “the painting” is vast. In particular, what I find most visually and emotively satisfying to paint is endangered species. Stylistically I am interested in showing a physical confluence between the skin and form of the animal and the situated or abstracted background.


Alan is a landscape painter based in Surrey. Specialising in depicting light and space, many of his paintings seem to glow and change colour over the course of a day. He has exhibited across London and the South East as well as in Los Angeles.

Painting, Printmaking

Alan Wallis has been creating ceramics for over 40 years and in the last 10 years has specialised in sculpture for the home and garden.

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