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Alex creates paintings rich in colour and texture. His work is all about capturing moments when elements in nature combine and conspire to turn the mundane into the majestic. Through committing these moments to canvas, Alex looks to return the viewer to life with greater emotion.


Colourful and vibrant, Amanda’s watercolour and oil paintings examine beauty throughout the natural world. Developing her style while studying for an art degree, her talent led to a career in illustration within the publishing and advertising industries.Amanda is available for private commissions including portraits, floral designs and everything in-between.


Born in Bergen, Norway, Angelika Millmaker is a contemporary artist whose work is characterised by an abstract representation of organic forms. She uses a wide variety of mediums to create translucent and luminous effects in her paintings.


Anjali is a marketer by profession but an artist by choice. Born in India, she specialises in intricate ink drawings inspired by Asian folk arts. Her work has been exhibited in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, South Korea, India and UK. She creates visual stories composed entirely of vocabulary of patterns.

Mixed Media

The human figure, especially the female form is central to my practice. I produce ceramic sculpture with a variety of scale and surface finish. This work is underpinned by drawing from the model which is sometimes also translated into painting. I permanently show my work in galleries throughout the UK and also in France.

Ceramic, Sculpture