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Alan is based in Staines and makes landscape paintings filled with light, space and weather. He has had two solo shows and exhibited across London and the South East.


Studied Fine Art and Sculpture in the 1960’s at Guildford School of Art. Since 2004 have concentrated on ceramic sculpture and semi abstract landscape painting.

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Painting, Sculpture

‘Colour to lift the Soul’.

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Originating from London cityscape drawings, the linear abstract paintings are constructed by simplifying the vertical lines of the cityscape view. Occasionally a line is moved slightly or removed to create an arrangement of lines that sits well for the viewer and is both meditative and decorative. With each colour being carefully mixed, the finished piece is an abstract exploration of line, colour and space.

Mixed Media

Alice creates dynamic paintings rich with texture. Her layered mixed media approach mixes an urban feel with more traditional landscapes, giving abstract paintings with a strong graphic edge. Her use of colour brings richness and depth to the work, creating sophisticated paintings you will continue to see fresh for many years.

Mixed Media, Painting