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Producing artwork is an integral part of maintaining my well being and self-expression. The act of putting paint onto the surface, combined with playing music that has stirred my soul, has made painting a meditative and healing experience. I paint from my core and put passion and power into my work through vigorous brushwork, use of multilayered and textured paints and rich colour palette.


Contemporary and abstract paintings in oils and acrylics inspired by life’s journeys: physical, psychological, mental and spiritual aspects all included. They come in different sizes , are bold, colourful and some say beautiful! – designed to lift your mood or provide a focal point of interest.


Beautifully made fun and colourful canvases. Dedicated artist working from her original ideas.


Having lived on the edge of Exmoor for much of her life Tess has an innate connection with wild open spaces. Her oil paintings strive to capture the drama and expanse of these untouched places. Using gestural mark making, splattering, scratching  and palette knife work her evocative paintings evolve with sensitivity to light, colour and texture.

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Gennadiy Ivanov is a UK based artist. Originally from Russia. Graduated with MAFA from Norwich University. He is an artist with synthetic thinking and a technique artist. This allows him to work simultaneously in several directions and styles. His paintings demand from a spectator intellectual as well as visual and emotional effort.

Painting, Wood Carving