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The human figure, especially the female form is central to my practice. I produce ceramic sculpture with a variety of scale and surface finish. This work is underpinned by drawing from the model which is sometimes also translated into painting. I permanently show my work in galleries throughout the UK and also in France.

Ceramic, Sculpture

I love representing the natural world in an abstract form, capturing its essence whilst leaving something to the viewer’s imagination. I work in a range of media from oil, mixed media and acrylics to handmade felt.

Mixed Media, Painting

Gennadiy Ivanov is a UK based artist. Originally from Russia. Graduated with MAFA from Norwich University. He is an artist with synthetic thinking and a technique artist. This allows him to work simultaneously in several directions and styles. His paintings demand from a spectator intellectual as well as visual and emotional effort.

Painting, Wood Carving

Marion has a bold, colourful abstract style arrived at by a process using both intentional and spontaneous mark making with bold shapes and colours, producing intriguing abstracts when viewed from afar, but with surprising areas of eye entertainment on closer inspection.

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Kate is a professional artist living in the Thames Valley. Her work is inspired by the countryside and wildlife of Britain and is made in a unique way entirely in fabric. Kate hand dyes much of her material, before cutting and appliqueing shapes, finishing the work with free motion stitching.

Textile Art