A Heart Of Glass

    Specialising in contemporary art glass, we seek out the most artistic and inspired designs from across the world and bring them to the discerning customer here in the UK. Our unique 3-dimensional art pieces add a touch of colour, design
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    Aaron Auguste Thomason

    Hi. I’m Aaron. A self taught artist living in Hove, East Sussex. I’m Always looking for the beauty in everything. Whether it’s the perfect sunset or a decaying building. For me The excitement in life comes from the unexpected things

    Abbie McMurray

    With a BA in Fine Art, my interest in paint, painting and 'the painting' is vast. I primarily work in oil, acrylic and spray paint. Stylistically I am interested in showing a physical confluence, or relationship, between the form of

    Abigail Wicking Art

    Abigail is a self taught artist with a passion for conservation, she started off as a biology student and has developed into a realistic wildlife artist. Her current Bee Series is a marriage of abstract and realism championing the humble

    Adam Daniels

    Original paintings by North East English Artist Adam Daniels. Studied BA (Hons) Fine Art, University of Sunderland, M A Fine Art, University of Northumbria. Adam’s work is figurative but with an eye for the abstract, depicting scenes reminiscent of surrealism.

    Adele Riley Artist

    If you would like to meet Adele Riley and view her original artwork, please ask if she has a complimentary ticket available for the next Contemporary Art Fair using the "Quick Info" contact form below.  

    Alan Carlyon Smith

    People and their environments are inspirational for Alan. He responds to his life events and the emergent outcomes may be figurative or abstracted. His paintings and sculpture often share a common starting point relating to the human form. Working from

    Alan James McLeod

    Highly textural, handpainted papers are collaged together to create mainly abstract compositions that invite the viewer’s own interpretation. Evocative of worn and weathered surfaces, far off lands and ancient artefacts.

    Alan Wallis Sculpture

    Alan studied art in the 60s and has earned his living by art and sculpture ever since. In his sculptures he seeks to capture the character and the fleeting moment of movement of his subject, whether it be a moon

    Alanna Eakin

    Alanna Eakin is an emerging British painter currently working in London. She graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2010 with a BA in Fine Art Painting. Alanna's work is concerned with themes of nature, escapism and nostalgia. She has a
    Flat 4, Newbury House

    Alce Harfield

    ‘Colour to Lift the Soul’ Alce works in acrylic with wonderful light reflecting qualities to produce contemporary canvases which are accessible, affordable and stimulating. Created in layers, focusing on colour and form, texture and mixed media subjects are eclectic from

    Alexander Korzer-Robinson

    Alexander Korzer-Robinson is a UK-based artist whose work transforming antiquarian books has brought him international acclaim. Working mainly in collage and related techniques, the practice's focus are sculptural artworks made from antiquarian books.

    Ali Mourabet

    The consistent theme running through Mourabet’s captivating paintings is their extremely vibrant colour palette. With many of his works presenting simplistic geometric shapes and architectural forms and others depicting everyday life in his immediate surroundings, Mourabet is continuingly seeking to

    Alice Harvey

    Taking inspiration from city and sea, Alice creates contemporary abstract paintings made up of many layers. Her work provides both moments of interest and contrasting space in each piece.

    Alice Lucy Art

    Kerry is a wildlife artist with a twist. Married to a South African, she has spent a lot of time in Southern Africa and the colours of the place and people in that part of the world have influenced her

    Alice Sheridan

    Alice creates dynamic paintings rich with texture. Her layered approach leads to abstract paintings which combine subtle variation with a strong graphic edge.

    Alison G Saunders

    My current series of works is inspired by the tropical fish we keep, my love of colour, inks, of printmaking and sometimes mixing them all up together. The methods I employ to produce these many layered works is as fluid

    Alison Orchard Fine Art

    Alison’s gestural paintings, inspired by sea, land and sky, have a fearless confidence in their gutsy application of paint, layered brushstrokes and expressive marks. Her encaustic wax abstracts, provide a sophisticated statement, with translucent, tactile colour. A respected and established

    Alison Whateley

    Alison is a Devon based, contemporary textile artist inspired by the coast and countryside. Her work combines texture – in forms such as buttons, beads and “found items” – with a soft, almost watercolour feel, achieved by the use of

    Allison Sherburne

    Allison Sherburne MA Fine Art UH is a contemporary abstract artist based in Hertfordshire, England. Inspiration for her painting is drawn from people gathering and interacting often within urban settings. The abstraction process aims to reveal an intuitive response to

    Alma Tipon

    Alma Tipon is an Abstract Impressionist. Most of her works are inspired by land and seascapes and rather than producing a literal interpretation, she aims to convey the atmospheric vibe and mood of a scene. Alma loves experimenting with all

    Amanda Bates

    Amanda's lively work reflects the characters and stories manifest in her subject. Her current focus is on trees, with an emphasis on arboreal interaction with their surroundings and with people. Her exquisitely detailed pen and ink style is reminiscent of

    Andi Theokle

    My Inspiration: Beauty. Experiencing it, translating it, being surrounded by it. Man-made or natural, there is beauty everywhere. The core of creation is the majestic force of nature. Firmament and Sky. Water: powerful, fascinating, calming... my escape. Sky: natures natural

    Andrew Cottrell Artworks

    Andrew works in acrylics, his work is influenced by N.C. and Andrew Wyeth and Anthony Green R.A. His studio is in Westbury, Wiltshire. Andrew has exhibited at Reading and Windsor Contemporary Art Fairs, Bath Art Fair and solo exhibitions.

    Andrew Hird

    Andrew Hird is a contemporary landscape painter, working both on location and in the studio. He paints to share his personal world and hopefully transmit some of the pleasure he finds in recording it. He has won various awards and

    Andrew Webster

    Inspired by abstract and impressionist art Andrew Webster uses creative photography to capture the essence of cities, seascapes and nature. He lives in Surrey and has worked in Scotland and London. He has been recognized as an Associate of the

    Andy Walker

    Based in the Cotswolds, I became a professional artist after exhibiting in the Saatchi Gallery, London, in 2017. My landscapes comprise thousands of digitally hand-drawn triangles, every artwork appearing photorealisic until closer inspection reveals intense abstraction. My work is now

    Angela Brittain SWA

    My work is contemporary, narrative paintings in an expressionist style. I am particularly interested in non-verbal communication. My paintings have been exhibited in London, Rome and the USA and I am a member of the Society of Women Artists.

    Anita Saunders

    Born and raised in the beautiful Cotswolds, Anita gained a BA(Hons) in Fine Art at Exeter. A life-long appreciation and respect of our native wildlife inspires her work-created using a range of disciplines, including oils and traditional printmaking techniques of

    Anjali Bansal Purkayastha

    London based artist Anjali’s illustrative style creates visual stories composed entirely of  vocabulary of patterns. Her work has been exhibited and sold in India, singapore, Korea, Thailand and UK.

    Anna Beer Art

    I paint in watercolour on Yupo, a non absorbant surface. I love the way the paint moves and has to evaporate by various means to work its magic. Inspiration is from nature, although the finished works are often more lyrical

    Anna Clarke Art

    I love representing the natural world in an abstract form, capturing its essence whilst leaving something to the viewer’s imagination. I work in a range of media from oil, mixed media and acrylics to handmade felt.

    Anthony David West

    Anthony David West Fine Art photography, a project by experienced photographer Anthony West. Tony’s interest in Wildlife began while living in Africa as a child where his father was stationed outside Lagos. His experience of African Wildlife ranged from stunning

    Arleta Berta Artistry

    Arleta Berta was born in 1976 in Poland. She lives in the South East of England since 2007. She has been painting since her childhood, and selling her art since 2020. She is continuing her family tradition, her father was
    Vicarage Way 13

    Art by Carolyn Miller

    Carolyn has decades of experience in creative and artistic fields – the theatre, modelling, dress design as well as image consulting and colour analysis. Now, inspired by her love for flowers and nature she paints in a modern innovative style

    Art is by Carol Burns

    Carol Burns is a professional artist and illustrator who has been working out of her Wiltshire studio since 2009. Her work has been featured in magazines across the globe, she has illustrated numerous books (including a graphic novel) and her

    Art Matters

    Lizzie Perkins is a printmaker who draws inspiration from wildlife in the environment. Her design originals are all achieved through hand-cut paper stencils – one for each colour laid down via the mesh of a screen - a process repeated
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    Hi my name is Tahreem Arshad, ArtbyTammii (Tammii is my nick name) is how I express life on a canvas, colourful and vibrant, full of richness and meaning. I paint with Acrylic paints, inks and watercolours and let the colours


    ArtFelt is a new collaboration between well established feltmakers/textile designers Nancy Shafee and Lydia Tapley. They offer a wide selection of decorative home items and wearable art including scarves, shawls and bags


    Using coloured pencil blending hyperrealism with surrealism. I've created body of work that finds beauty in the seemingly mundane. I'm proud to have work in collections around the world, the greatest joy is a collector appreciating my work and it


    I feel a sense of peace when I see the beauty of natural world around me. I am at my happiest when I can paint the beauty of nature by capturing her colors, the light and the various forms in


    A self taught Artist creating realism drawings with pen and ink. Astra creates highly detailed art depicting the beauty of animals with a colourful twist. The splash of colour Astra adds to her work has become a signature style and

    Attain Collection

    Fascinated by magnets' invisible force? Witness Charles Goodfellow showcasing the new artistic technique of Magnetic Field Castings. He will share his enthusiasm for this natural phenomena which is at the intersection between art and science. View 3D sculptures of Magnetic

    Avril Parkes

    Avril Parkes strives to combine her love of animals and passion for colour to make people smile. Although she challenges herself to attain a likeness of an animal, bringing out their character is the real goal. She rediscovered art through

    Barry Fry

    Barry takes his inspiration from his travels both home and abroad. Painting mainly with acrylics and oils using pallet knives he is especially interested in exploring the use of colour, tone and contrasting light. In this respect, some observers have

    Barry Laden MBE

    With particular emphasis on art and design, Barry has worked within the world of design for more than 20 years. He exhibited his own art at The Laden Showroom in London’s Brick Lane for 17 years and his pieces are

    Becky Mair

    Becky is an award-winning artist. Becky has developed her own immediate response to a technique deveoped by the abstract artist Jackson Pollock, whilst studying his process at University. His unique style “has inspired me to produce a fluid, energetic, representational

    Ben Hatwell Photography

    Ben Hatwell is an emerging British fine art photographer based in the South East of England, creating evocative and ethereal imagery. Ben exhibits his work in the UK and specialises in offering exclusive limited edition fine art prints.
    Kent, UK.

    Bethany Kohrt

    Bethany Kohrt is an English abstract artist living in Germany. She is inspired by the Alpine landscape where she lives and works primarily in acrylic on canvas.

    Bev Jones

    Bev's work captures beautifully the extraordinary moments, evoking wonder and magic through vibrant colours and intricate details but never quite losing it's roots in everyday city life. 

    Beverley Sweetman

    Beverley is a Watercolour Artist who creates highly detailed paintings of British wildlife and countryside animals. She is also a Mosaic Maker creating vibrate hand cut mosaics from glass and ceramics in a variety of subjects.

    Binu Chaudhary

    Binu Chaudhary is an abstract artist who lives in Surrey. She discovered her love for expressing herself with paints about twenty years ago. An intuitive artist, she uses spontaneity of marks and brilliance of colours to express her memories and

    Brilliant Brushstrokes

    My bright palate demonstrates a love of aesthetics - the beautiful, natural surroundings with reflections about our culture and reflections of light playing upon rivers. The Great British Art Exhibition showed Portraits; the latest mix combines these with scenes of

    Bromley and Bouverie

    Focusing on organic matter and landscapes Imogen builds layers of watered down and washed away textures to create perspective and emotion. The free and energetic marks combined with the remnants of controlled painted strokes to create a truly bespoke collection. 

    Bron Jones Art

    Inspired by the  patterns, colours and textures of the Welsh countryside where she lives, Bron works in acrylics, oils and mixed media to create bright, vibrant abstract landscape paintings that reflect her love of the natural world.  Her bold and

    Carol Gillan Art

    Award-winning artist working with resin, colours, texture & metallic powders to produce abstract, contemporary artworks which are vibrant, unique & beautiful with the aim of making people feel restful & intrigued and their surroundings luxurious and stylish. Featured BBC1. Represented


    My paintings are inspired by the effect of light upon the landscape. They capture the essence of a place encouraging the viewer to be drawn in. I love colour and I use my location sketches as a starting point to

    Caroline Brodie

    I am inspired by a love of colour and a passion for the versatility of oils, recent work has involved finding and losing form with colour. Creating niave but decoratively balanced compositions which express cheer and positivity. London Fine Art

    Caroline Bromley-Gardner ASEA

    I am an artist and sculptor painting landscape and animal studies in oil and sculpting animal figures to cast in bronze. I trained for three years in Italy and have completed many and varied commissions. My work is in collections

    Caroline Cornelius

    Caroline draws on her past experience as a textile designer searching for incidental patterns and using a limited colour palette to simplify and stylise images. Her paintings have been selected for the Royal Watercolour Society’s Contemporary Competition, exhibiting at Bankside

    Caroline Hulse

    These paintings are part of the 'Help the Planet and Sow some Wild Meadow Flowers Project' 10% of the sale price goes to the Bumblebee Conversation Trust and you also get a packet of Wildlife Meadow seeds.

    Caroline Martin

    After my BA Hons degree in fashion design, I worked as a freelance textile designer and silk screen printer. Children and life over leaving a need to create. My art practice is intuitive and immersive, with my passion for music

    Caroline Walsh-Waring

    Based in Frome, surrealist painter, Caroline Walsh-Waring has developed her own unique style through constant practice and allowing herself to be inspired by everyday things.  Her obsession for drawing as a child she carried through school, Art School, and work;
    The Limes, 45 Keyford, Frome, Somerset BA11 1LB UK
    07587 212921

    Carys Jones Photography

    Award-winning equine fine art photographer, Carys Jones specialises in creating simple but powerful images of horses in their native environments. Her limited edition images emphasise natural horse behaviours and she prefers to work in black and white and soft, delicate

    Casey Art

    Daniel describes himself as an eclective expressive experimental no rules abstract artist who is not held to any particular style. He likes the use of bright colours, but is not afraid of the “dark”. His work is sought after more

    Cat Croxford

    Based in West Berkshire, Cat finds her inspiration from the Berkshire Downs and South Oxfordshire. She uses acrylics in layers to build exciting contrasts and rich colours to capture the changes in seasons. Her intent is that every painting is

    Cat Randall

    I am a realist oil painter concentrating on portraiture and wildlife. I have been creating artworks that feature well known figures, but currently have undertaken some larger scale animal portraits and section studies of the human body and face. Working

    Cath Baldwin

    Cath Baldwin has been working and exhibiting, both locally and nationally, for about 15 years, generally showing prints and occasional work in other media.

    Catherine Kennedy

    Seascape painter based in Teignmouth, Devon. Fine Art Graduate Plymouth University and art ambassador for the English Riviera UNESCO Global Geopark. Large surfing waves of Devon and Cornwall’s coastline inspire her work. Another series explores the patterns and play of

    Catherine McVean

    Catherine is inspired by the small joyful moments in each day. Her focus is on simplicity; a simple colour palette in each painting as well as carefully considered brushstrokes chosen to best convey her subject. Catherine paints from life and

    Cathy Read Art

    Contemporary artist Cathy Read creates vibrant metropolitan abstracts. A lifelong interest in buildings fuelling these Urban landscapes. She developed her distinctive style on abstract paintings and started interpreting Manchester's decaying Cotton Mills. Then followed other buildings and cities, like London.

    Cathy Whittall Art

    Cathy returned to her first love of art following the death of her eldest son and has immersed herself in her art since.

    Ceramic Art Whitway

    Ceramic Art Whitway is a working studio and established gallery south of Newbury. Teresa Munn works with poetry in clay scripted forms. Moya Tosh’s bark sculptures reflect nature’s distortions and imperfections. Sally Courage’s large coiled pots take on abstracted natural

    Charles Pedone

    My unique artworks have other-worldy, naturalistic and oceanic influences. With a passion for textures and metallics, I create abstract pieces with a modern energy that enhances their environment.

    Charlie Jamieson

    Charlie draws inspiration from the long history of humans creating marks to express emotion, tell stories, and marvel at nature. She blends modern mediums like acrylic paint, ink and oil pastel, with ancient techniques; opting to paint with her hands,
    Basement Flat (Flat 1), 10 Buckingham Road

    Charlotte Gerrard

    Charlotte creates unique and optimistic imagery of animals. She is an avid environmentalist and her work strives to portray the worthiness of animals in our society.  Her paintings of Indian cows (her favoured subjects) alongside ducks and hares are brought

    Charlotte Meikle

    Hello and thank you for looking at my art, I really appreciate it.  I'm an artist from the South East of England who focuses on doing pet portraits (or pawtraits as I like to call them). All of my paintings
    Pandora's Box Emporium, Faraday Road, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 2AD

    Chat Panthera

    50 word biography I focus on abstract painting. In my artworks I aim for minimalism. I use some form of logic, making references to nature, also into human nature, leaving room for ambiguity. There is also a space for you,

    Cherrie Mansfield

    Cherrie uses acrylics and mixed media to create bold, expressive artwork that catches the eye and fires the imagination. She says “Colour excites me, grabs my attention and fuels my creativity.” Close examination of Cherrie’s work reveals mesmerising contours of

    Cherry Parsons Art

    I was born and bred in Sussex and have been painting for many years. I work mainly in acrylics and enjoy portaiture, seascapes and landscapes. Sunshine, Light, Water and Laughter are my influences. I have recently ventured into the world

    Chloe Yandell

    75A Warminster Road

    Chris Hensher

    Working from his studio in Sanderstead, Chris Hensher uses oils, watercolour and various printmaking and drawing techniques to depict people, portraits and landscapes. His work has been shown in national exhibitions by the Royal Watercolour Society and the University of

    Chris Sercombe

    I graduated from Canterbury Christ Church University with a degree in painting in 2003 and have exhibited regularly ever since. I paint small oil paintings of still life and landscapes.

    Christine Baxter Sculpture

    Christine is classically trained having studied at Camberwell School of Arts, London, graduating in the ’80's. Since then Christine has developed an impressive CV, in her early career having worked for: Disney, Warners, Lucas Films and Beatrix Potter.  She now

    Christine Bleny

    My Art is oriented toward positivity, pleasure, aesthetic sense, glamour, exuberance and an overall faith in society.  My work is an amalgam of many styles – the luxury of Art Deco against the brilliance of metal leaf; the exoticism of

    Christine Savage

    Christine selects unusual cuts and colours of precious and semi-precious stones, combined with silver and various colours of gold, she builds layers of texture and colour. Her most recent, stylised, jewellery designs were inspired by the reflections in puddles of

    Cirrus Abstract Art

    A self-taught artist, Janine produces beautiful acrylic paintings using a variety of techniques. She draws her inspiration from her fascination of nature( (both human and the world around us). The various forms of nature - the creation & destruction of

    Claire Burke Art

    I’m really excited to have my debut on the exhibition circuit at this event and hope you’ll drop by to say hello. I’m a contemporary abstract artist whose gestural work often resolves into landscapes. I’ve been continually evolving my style

    Claire Koentopp

    Taking inspiration everywhere – cloud formations, the iridescence of a sea shell, prisms of light beaming through the window on a sunny day – Claire weaves together hundreds of photographs to create radiant, light-filled art, full of hope and love
    22 Vicarage Close

    Clare Emily

    Heavily influenced by Chichester Harbour, but usually working intuitively from her imagination, Clare Emily’s paintings seek to embrace the essence of vast natural landscapes, exploring the sense of depth and how light interacts with the sea. This is conveyed particularly

    Clare Law

    Clare Law is an award-winning landscape artist creating rich Impressionistic oil paintings with only a small painting knife. The texture being unconditional, a conscious response to the physicality of the subject matter, both the tonal values and light are carefully

    Clinton Banbury

    I am a contemporary water-colourist that combines fluid and precise brush line work with clear flat washes of colour. My preconceived designs based on my own experience of the natural world simply cover a plane surface forming coherent patterns of

    Colin Castle Art

    Colin Castle is a Berkshire artist renowned for his delightful and quirky animal portraits. With his eye for detail, he captures the unique character of each animal he paints. As well as painting hares and rural livestock, Colin is highly

    Colleen Conti

    I work in oil, acrylic and mixed-media on a variety of scales and substrates, with landscape as my starting point. My work is a fusion of naturalistic and  expressionist qualities. Recent pieces explore partially abstract interpretations of the visual elements.

    Corinne Natel

    Corinne Natel is a contemporary artist, specialising in abstract paintings. Corinne aims to create vibrant and emotive works that allude to another world. Corinne has sold works in the UK and internationally, exhibited at contemporary galleries, as well as at

    Crispin Holder

    Crispin’s interest lies in the definition of form and application of colour theory to create intriguing and challenging compositions. His thought process is inspired by everyday visual experiences, a sense of place and time and the idiosyncratic nature of human

    Culture In Stone

    Originating from Harare-Zimbabwe, Culture In Stone is passionate about promoting the work of some of the finest Zimbabwean Shona stone sculptors.

    Cy Baker - Biro Artist

    Producing beautiful artworks inspired by the world around him, Cy Baker has a unique style, working in biro on linen canvas. He has exhibited and sold around the world, winning a number of awards including the earth's wild beauty award
    07739 530 248

    Dairo Vargas

    Colombian by birth, Dairo Vargas is a contemporary fine artist who specialises in landscapes. His paintings are inspired by places in the UK that hold a particular resonance – Sussex’s South Downs, The Black Mountains in Wales, the Yorkshire Dales

    Dana Bley

    I am a Slovak artist - a graphic designer and photographer who now lives and works in Walton-on-Thames. I studied at Art Academy in Bratislava - the capital of Slovakia. I have exhibited many times in my country. And in
    18 Eriswell Crescent, Hersham

    Daniel Shipton

    Using coloured pencils blending hyperrealism with surrealism I've created body of work that finds beauty in the seemingly mundane. I'm proud to have work in collections around the world, the greatest joy is a collector appreciating my work and it

    Danny Byrne

    Danny’s experience is formidable,: figurative, portraiture – inc. Political, celebrities and private commissions – landscape paintings, in multiple mediums AND are contemporary. His work has been shown at major exhibitions including Royal Portrait Society, Royal Academy, Royal Institute of Painters

    Darren Dearden

    Everyday subjects and themes represented with expert technique and quality often within playful compositions. Darren describes his work as quirky contemporary, consistently evolving in subject matter, mediums and styles.

    David A Finney

    Over the last 10 years I have developed a particular style; painting freely on canvas with palette knives, brushes and extreme enthusiasm - combined with a controlled splattering of paint. Uniquely, I also apply this technique to handmade paper; heavily

    David Brett

    London based artist David Brett creates bold, energetic abstract landscape paintings; taking inspiration from the natural and urban environments. His work explores colour, light and mood - aiming to connect intuitively with the viewer on an emotional level. Recent paintings

    David Brightmore RCA

    Sheffield Art College,University of Wales (M.A), and a full-time painter since 2000, I have held solo exhibitions and shown at over 80 Art Fairs throughout the UK. My work reflects the energy and figurative rhythms of my environment together with

    David H Jones

    David studied painting at Bristol before settling in Berkshire, where his studio overlooks the Lambourn Downs His paintings explore the physical and nourishing properties of colour. Inspired by the changing palette of the seasons his mark making and over-painting creates
    17 Baydon Road
    01488 71838 07876 015837

    David Meeking

    Sea and landscapes painting in oil. Work inspired by the changing seasons, building an atmosphere through texture and mark making.

    David Sheil Studio

    David makes his own handmade pigments from natural soils, incorporating beautiful and vibrant natural colours and textures into his art.  Wherever he goes he prospects for interesting natural pigments.  Also an organic gardener, David uses his art to raise awareness

    Dawn Conn Sculpture

    Oxfordshire sculptor, Dawn merges memory, wonder and joy. Each sculpture has their own narrative and emotional connection, that touch the free spirit in us, most often through memories of childhood. Dawns work is essentially figurative and rooted in human connections,

    Dawn Reader

    Oil painter of sea and land memorising a fleeting moment, resonating deep within and embracing the freedom found in the wild. It’s not about any place but by extracting the detritus I focus on the peace and stillness. Featured in

    Deborah Hook

    Inspired by nature and fascinated with light, Deborah combines both within the medium of glass. Each panel is drawn and carved by hand, creating a unique piece every time.

    Deborah Lanyon

    Deborah lives in Strawberry Hill and specialises in abstract landscapes. She trained at St Martin’s and Byam Shaw. She works in acrylic and mixed media and has exhibited for over 30 years. She has collectors all over the world.

    Deborah Pendell

      New art collection being released at Sandown Spring Fair!!!! Deborah Pendell is a self taught fine art photographer known for her creative digital imagery, often incorporating painterly textures and mixed digital media into her work. "My interest in using

    Demi Lang

    Demi specialises in creating incredibly detailed architectural drawings. Her work is realistic and representational and finely depicts both local and international architecture, magnifying some of the world's most timeless places. Her medium of choice is mixed media, incorporating pencil, ink

    Desirables by Deborah Waters

    Deborah is self-taught, working in pen and alcohol-based inks. Interested in Zentangle patterning, she adapted the technique to represent texture and sharing in her artwork. Finally, high quality rhinestones are individually added to create her trademark sparkle. Deborah accepts commissions,

    Diana Jane

    Diana Jane creates photographic images that have an ethereal quality and are akin to a watercolour painting. Diana Jane tries to capture the essence of time and memory within her work. The subject of memory is complex and ever changing,

    Diane Haddon-Moore MA

    Using a contemporary approach Diane transforms everyday subjects, scenes and landscapes into striking, vibrant and beautiful paintings. A colourist, Diane’s love of bright, dramatic contrasting hues finds vivid expression in her work encouraging the viewer to see and explore subjects

    Dog & Swan

    Dog and Swan art plays with perspective, using small scale characters and designing wonderfully whimsical tiny worlds for them to inhabit. The pieces are often inspired by poems, books, fairy tales, films and there are always new adventures to be
    0777 584 0104

    Dominika Szparaga

    Dominika is a self-taught artist who enjoys experimenting with different techniques and subject matters. She is passionate about vivid colours and believes that inspiration can be found anywhere around us.Most of her paintings feature hidden symbolic meaning as those play

    Donna Loiola - Contemporary Artist

    Donna paints intuitively in an expressionist style using a variety of art media from acrylic, oil bars, pastel, ink and elements of collage. Colour and light are her muse. She creates work depicting abstractions of places and experiences that she

    Dorothy Stapleton

    After training at Wimbledon School of Art, Dorothy Stapleton established an international reputation as a textile artist. More recently, she has concentrated on paperbased media and her work on display will include collages, linocuts, wood engravings and paper-marbling pieces, all

    Dr Martin Raskovsky

    Interested in the post capture creative process. A search for colours and forms that emanate from my inside. The journey of image transformation is an art form of its own. Colours and shapes are transformed again and again until a

    Eddie Hyde Photography

    Award winning photography from Dr Edward A Hyde ARPS. Commendations in the Landscape Photographer of the Year for 2 years in a row, The International Landscape Photographer of the Year, the Siena International Photography Awards, The Royal Meteorological Society Weather

    Elaine Almond

    Intuitive abstract artist: inspired by nature, countryside or sea and by life experiences and journeys. Elaine paints emotionally expressive, colourful abstracts and occasional seascapes principally in acrylics and oils, designed to lift the spirits or for reflection on the deeper

    Elaine Ford

    Elaine is a contemporary impressionist-style landscape artist with a passion for the sea and strong use of colour. Her role as a Stunt Coordinator/Performer in Film and Television is reflected in her paintings which are an amalgamation of drama, imagination

    Eleanor McKnight Art

    I live between the UK and Turks & Caicos Islands. My inspiration comes from travel and absorbing the wealth of beauty from the planet. My work is atmospheric and emotional.

    Elena Peresvetova Fine Art

    Elena Peresvetova is an artist who incorporates in her art her passion for impressionistic painting and contemporary conceptual thinking, exploring the ideas of traditionalism in the contemporary art world. Her vivid still lifes seem to jump to life through nothing

    Elizabeth Jorden

    Elizabeth's work is inspired by the natural world and by traditional Chinese brush painting, which she studied in Singapore and London. 'I love persuading rice paper to absorb just enough water, ink and colour to create the impression of a

    Elizabeth Mikellides

    Working conceptually, Elizabeth explores the relationship between musical notation and drawing – a practice Elizabeth often refers to as ‘drawing music’. It is the crossover and interpretation of one form into the other that gives rise to modern and colourful

    Ellie Bird

    I am a self-taught artist living in London. After a twenty-year primary school teaching career, I decided to pursue my painting passion. Having always been drawn to the calming and mesmerising effects of water, I incorporate this into my main

    Ellie Contreras Art

    Ellie Contreras has a degree in graphic design and illustration and worked in the creative industry for several years while developing her painting skills before becoming a professional artist. She paints in an energetic expressive style blending realism with abstraction.

    Ellie Hipkin

    My landscapes and seascapes aim to express the sense of profound calm that nature gives me. Foraging and beachcombing for pebbles, seed heads and grasses, I use these finds to add monoprinting to my paintings, and to inspire the embroidery

    Ellie Philpot

    Art and Biology were Ellie's favourite subjects at school. She chose the biology theme and trained as a nurse, specializing in intensive care, where her qualifications and experience enabled her to travel the world. However, drawing and painting were always

    Emilia Chubb

    A recent graduate from the Courtauld Institute of art, I am inspired by places and people. My work ranges from abstract, rhythmic landscapes inspired by the freedom of getting outdoors and amongst nature, to bright cityscapes and cheerful market scenes

    Emily Faludy Fine Art

    Emily Faludy is a landscape painter in oils, making work primarily ‘plein air’ (‘from life’) as this allows her to transfer something of the energy and immediacy of responding directly to the subject. Her work is full of light and

    Emily Jones

    Colour, paint and shadow create an illusion to what is beneath. Inspired by my love for geometric, structural forms I have combined this with colour and repeating patterns. I aim to portray a well known and relatable shape in a

    Emily Penfold

    Emily Penfold is a British multidisciplinary artist and graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2018. Through her exquisite original fine art pencil, pen and ink drawings, Emily explores the fragility of life, celebrating its internal magic in all its forms

    Emma J Read - Cedars Yard

    Emma J Read is a contemporary abstract sea painter based in Hampshire. After a lifelong love of the British coast growing up on Deal seafront and watching her partner surf around the world, her passion for it has never wavered.

    Emma Price

    Emma Price is a contemporary artist who uses the landscape around us as a departure to explore light, colour and texture. Working in acrylics, she creates abstract works which are both expressive and emotive, evolving organically they are influenced and

    Emma Ratcliffe Resin Artist

    Colour, abstract and high gloss are my passion. A self taught artist looking to experiment with new mediums and ideas. Always pushing for new concepts to be different and a focus point of conversation. Contemporary, modern and individual is my

    Emma Rose

    Award winning artist based near Bath specialising in impressionistic painting with an emphasis on colour and texture. Using Indian inks and acrylics she produces pictures based on land, sea, sky, nature and memory reflecting her interest in Wabi-Sabi.

    Emma Stepney

    I am an abstract artist based in Surrey, but I am inspired by the ruggedness of the Cornish coast. I completed my Art Foundation at Kingston University and my Fine Art degree in Winchester, where I specialised in painting. I
    0781 1622608

    Emma Tweedie Art

    Emma Tweedie is an emerging artist with a studio in Kingston Upon Thames. Best known for her abstract landscapes, these often feature passages of heavy texture and impasto, and multiple acrylic washes. Her work has featured in a number of

    Erica Just

    Erica Just works as an artist and illustrator and exhibits her work nationally and internationally. Her water colour paintings are painted directly from life. Inspired by hedgerows, wastelands and meadows. The paintings work singularly, in pairs or as a triptych

    Erica Sturla Original Art

    Erica works in polymer clay and acrylics to create figurative, three-dimensional scenes. Inspirations are firmly rooted in the simple pleasures of everyday life – the joy is in creating a painting that celebrates the familiar in a new and exciting

    Eszter Rigo Art

    I'm a Hungarian born, self-taught artist working with mixed media and resin. My artwork celebrates kindness. It gives importance to the ordinary, small-scale, the local. My work is fluid art, which gives me more room to express my artistic imagination.

    Fatima Mian

    Fatima Mian is a self-taught Painter who creates work in the style of Abstract Expressionism. Inspiration comes to her in many forms; travel, music, emotions and nature. Creating art, allows her a moment of calm in her otherwise hectic London

    Faye Bridgwater

    Faye spends her days looking at the sky and out to sea. Her paintings capture fleeting moments of light, playful movement and thrilling feelings. A contemporary landscape artist, her work is influenced by the coastline, with its tall, white, bold

    Filia Bespoke Jewellery

    Filia Bespoke run by 2nd generation jeweller, Tiffany, focuses on sleek and contemporary designs with a keen appreciation for graceful lines and space. All designs are handmade using a mixture of precious metals and responsibly sourced stones. Offering popular ranges,
    Bramley Barn, Ward’s Lane

    Fiona Hooper

    Fiona’s passion lies in painting landscapes, working predominantly in oils with knives to capture the peace and tranquillity of the wild, natural places that she loves to discover. Her paintings transport viewers to a place of calm helping them to

    Fiona Pearce

    Born in Guildford, I studied Art at what was then known as the West Surrey College of Art and Design in Farnham. I work mainly in acrylic, applying thick layers with credit cards, fingers and occasionally a brush from my
    Upper Farringdon, Hampshire. GU343DY
    07 894324833

    Frances Ackland-Snow

    Frances’ work has integrity and a subliminal message behind them. She paints prolifically and in a series based on the response to emotion. Her intention is to convey the encompassing feeling inside your inner core, where the artist connects to

    Frances Jordan

    Frances studied at Central St Martins London and obtained a BA Hons Degree in Fine Art. She has a love of the natural world and finds inspiration for her work from the forces of nature. As an artist, using nature

    Fraser Renton

    Geometric, Hard Edge, Minimalist and 3D fascinates me. Using acrylics on Aluminium or Birch surfaces and Alu-Mesh sculptured over fabrics, my goals are to conceptualise, capture and design new and fascinating linear-geometric abstract art that delivers a capacity to create
    Arundel, West Sussex

    Gabi Doering

    I love to paint and would love to bring a little colour, curiosity and happiness into your home. My paintings are usually created in acrylic paint or encaustic wax and are generally abstract.

    Gabriella Buckingham

    Gabriella graduated from Kingston with a BA Hons in Graphic Design. She takes part in Norfolk Open Studios and has shown at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Holt Festival Art Prize and at ING - Figurative Art Now, Mall Galleries.


    David describes his work as being founded on the traditions of the Old Masters through to the great French impressionists but cites Robert Lenkiewicz as a major influence

    Geoff Beckett

    Vibrant textured landscapes in acrylic and resin, and quirky animals with a sense of humour.

    Georgia Hart

    Georgia Hart is a British Canadian palette knife painter working in oil and acrylic, creating semi abstract landscapes with depth and texture. The deliberate ambiguity and abstract element in Hart’s work encourage the viewer to form their own unique connection

    Gill Smith Prints

    Gill takes inspiration from bold Art Deco graphics, mid century design and the visual illusions of Op Art to create original prints and cut paper artworks exploring light, texture and movement. She has an MA in Printmaking from Camberwell College

    Gillian Brett Sculpture

    Gillian Brett's contemporary figurative sculptures celebrate body language and the human form using traditional or repurposed materials. Designed for those with a discerning eye, Gillian's range of expressive fine art sculptures add interest and drama to any home environment.  Gillian

    Gillian Paterson Studios

    Gill’s passion lies with painting and drawing. She adores working outside ‘en plein air’  capturing the atmosphere and quality of light on location. Gill brings her inspiration together from her Surrey based studio. She cleverly crafts materials found on location

    Gin Durham Ceramics

    Gin Durham’s quirky and imaginative ceramics are inspired by storytelling and a life-long fascination with the representation of animals in culture. She draws on imagery which has been shaped by treasured tales and translates them into beautifully crafted work, rich

    Glen Welford

    I work from a paint splattered art studio in Newcastle over looking the Tyne valley. My method often uses energetic ‘ action ‘ mark-making to create semi-abstract and contemporary paintings which I hope are visually interesting. It is a challenge
    68 Highbury

    Glenn Phur

    Hi, I am Glenn. I have been a professional artist for the last 40 years. I work in oil or acrylic and my favoured subject is portraiture. I love to produce art for people and making it personal, a moment

    Glow World Design

    Natasha is a leading Contemporary Abstract Artist specialising in resin glow pigments and mixed media. She combines polymers, pigments and other additives to create visually stunning creations.

    Grace Ellen

    Immersive landscape paintings inspired by the great diversity seen in British nature and wildlife.

    Gregory Mason

    Greg is a modern figurative painter creating atmospheric scenes that are visually and technically striking whilst holding a deeper narrative.  His work is highly collectable with accolades including Saatchi’s ‘One to Watch, Finalist on both Sky Arts Portrait and Landscape

    Gwynne Penny

    Gwynne is a multi-disciplinary visual artist working in 2d and 3d creating colourful, imaginative, and sometimes deliberately ambiguous artwork. Sculpture, digital media, traditional art materials and a lively imagination enable her to explore and interpret her environment, with a passion

    Hannah Bruce

    Hannah Bruce is a professional Artist with an hons degree in Fine Art from Aberystwyth and a PGCE at Cambridge.  She lives and works as a professional Artist in Woking, Surrey. She works in a range of media with her
    Unit SU2B First Floor, Lansbury Business Estate, 102 Lower Guildford Road, Knaphill, Woking, Surrey, GU21 2EP

    Hannah Van Bergen

    Hannah creates lively bold cityscapes and contemporary deckchair/ski scenes on canvas. “People have described my work as “happy art” and I like that, I think if you’re going to invest in a painting and hang it on your wall it

    Heather Irvine Contemporary Wildlife Art

    Contemporary conservation wildlife and animal artist working in acrylics, charcoal and mixed media. Bold bright paintings and energetic movement based drawings. Heather gives back to conversation projects across Africa through her work. BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year 2012, David

    Heather McDowell Fine Art

    I paint what I know, what I love and what I seek. Over many years of painting, this shows clearly in the evolution of my work. Starting with landscapes and realism, portraits and documenting travels, watching the scenery of life's
    Fulmer Mill, Framewood Road

    Heather Miller

    Inspired by a love of nature, Heather’s aim as an artist is to engage and intrigue the viewer and draw them into her work. She mindfully explores colour and light in each painting, conscious of how these elements lift the

    Heather Philp

    I am an Impressionist oil painter who creates textured works with a palette knife. I paint cityscapes, landscapes, gardens, doors and alleyways, often with unusual views. An avid recycler, I like to portray the communion of old stone and new

    Heather Snyers

    I enjoy trying out different processes and ways of using paint, for example pouring, dripping, scraping or dry brushing paint across textures. Recently I have been developing ideas based on landscapes, trying to use materials loosely and spontaneously, using colour

    Helen Long

    Helen’s inspiration comes from her love of the countryside and coast. She captures the changing light, reflections and colours in nature, creating calming and peaceful as well as atmospheric landscapes and seascapes in oils.

    Henry Howe

    Hello, my name is Henry Howe and I produce photorealistic chalk and charcoal drawings. Subjects I draw range from portraits of iconic faces to pieces of erotica. Do to stress at work a few years ago, I experienceda mental collapse

    Holly Tree Arts

    New to the exhibiting scene, Holly is a painter who enjoyed painting flowers this winter to remind her that Spring (and the sun!) will return. Her goal when painting is to learn and have fun.
    Flat 16, Mill Reef House

    Irene Gloux

    In my work, I focus on colour play, especially the use of an intense hue, which becomes the dominant feature. I exaggerate or use imagined colour, instead of following closely what is there. My heightened sense of colour expresses a

    Irina Hoble

    As a practising Architect, I started painting during lockdown. Originally from Romania, I studied Fine Art during my teen years, and I graduated with a first degree in Architecture at University of Architecture, Bucharest. As an artist, I draw inspiration

    Isabel Greenslade – Copperlight Studio

    Isabel is the embroidery artist behind the account @copperlight_studio creating abstract fibre art using the concept of painting with stitch to create contemporary embroidery and bead art, mounted and framed. All the embroidery art is created entirely by hand, allowing

    Isabel Pearce Art

    Isabel is an abstract contemporary artist working with acrylics. She uses a variety of techniques to create vibrant landscapes and vivid floral interpretations. Her unique approach to the surface of the canvas, produces truly uplifting artworks. She was recently commissioned

    J M Parker

    John’s current work shows a blend of two styles, a contemporary take on the classical. Traditional materials and techniques punctuated with exciting modern flair, influenced by rural surroundings his recent paintings reflect an emotional state as much as pictorial accuracy,

    J Suyi Studio

    J Suyi’s creations stem from her emotions, instincts, culture, environment and a quest to explore deeper philosophical questions about humanity and existence. She intuitively improvises with mixed materials, bright colours and metallic pigments, creating textured audacious abstracts, ranging from small

    Jacqueline Cross

    Oxfordshire artist specialising in large abstract art, working with texture and an infusion of colour to help lift the mood and energise your wall space.

    James Taylor

    Pop Art illustration prints and collages by Oxfordshire artist James Taylor, whose work has previously been shown at Blenheim Palace and with John Lewis and Partners. James’ artwork is often inspired by vintage objects and food, given a bright and

    Jamie Ampleford

    Jamie is a portrait artist working from his home studio in Exeter having recently moved from West Sussex. His favourite mediums are oils and graphite. The main inspiration for his work has been iconic figures in film, music and sport.

    Jan Levy

    Jan Levy achieved a BA Fine Art degree in 2003.  She is a conceptually based artist generally making art about London.  The viewer is encouraged to work out the meaning of the whole picture.  Each piece of art is made

    Jane Beaumont

    I’m a self-taught artist from North Manchester, my focus is creating art that evokes fluidity. I discovered art as a form of escapism in 2016 as I found that it gave me a voice to help express moods. By understanding

    Jane Browne

    Jane has a textile degree from West Surrey College of Art and Design. Principally a tapestry weaver, she re-creates landscape scenes from her extensive yarn collection to evoke texture, colour and season. Jane also paints wild flowers in watercolour and

    Jane Johansson

    Exploring our emotional and visceral relationship with horses; the marks they leave on our hearts, the space they inhabit in our soul and the primal connection they give us to another world. Inspired by my adventures in the saddle and

    Jane Pilcher

    I have been a passionate and enthusiastic painter for the last 20 years. I love experimenting with different styles and mediums. I work intuitively and take my inspiration from the natural beauty that surrounds us particularly floral and organic shapes.

    Jane Skingley

    Jane Skingley paints contemporary seascape, landscape, flower and bird paintings that evoke a feeling of calm. Her work is about capturing moments. It could be a beach that she knows well, or the view from her daily country walks. Images
    The Base, communications Road, Greenham Business Park, Newbury RG19 6HW

    Janemarie Mazoudier

    Working mostly with acrylic paint on canvas, along with some mixed media; markings with charcoal, crayons, inks, sometimes use of photography and collage, I create abstract works of art that are often layered and scratched. I am predominantly a painter
    07711 433034

    Janet Mayled

    Paintings of gardens, landscapes, cities and interiors by two notable artists

    Janine Dennington

    A self-taught artist, Janine produces beautiful acrylic paintings using a variety oftechniques. She draws her inspiration from her fascination of nature (both human and the world around us). The various forms of nature - the creation& destruction of life; beauty

    Jasmine Honor Mercer

    I am a portrait artist, a wildlife painter and a painter of dancers, but above all I am a visual storyteller. It is a pleasure and an honour to celebrate the unique stories of my subjects and an endless joy.


    Jayne Leighton Herd is a professional artist & designer based in Wokingham, Berkshire. She paints statement abstract & landscape art full of passion, emotion, colour & energy. Jayne welcomes commissions for bespoke art for both residential & commercial projects.

    Jennifer Fynn

    Inspired by her love of nature, organic forms and Japanese textiles, Hampshire based artist Jennifer, works mainly in acrylics to create energetic, colourful, bold playful paintings depicting graphic abstract organic shapes and motifs from nature. Jennifer's mission for her art

    Jennifer Golding

    Jen Golding is a Fine Art Printmaker who lives and works in Suffolk. Her work is mainly figurative, often with a narrative content. She produces Etchings, Woodcuts and Mono-prints, incorporating her love of colour and pattern. She hand produces all

    Jennifer Miles

    I love animals, and I love detail. In my art, I try and convey the personalities of the animals I draw. I completed an MA in Children's Book Illustration and worked for many years as an illustrator. I live in
    87 Earlham Road
    07921 780499

    Jenny Green

    Coming from a background in interior design, fuelled by the love of colour. I started painting exploring abstraction. Exploring harbours, buildings and woodlands took me to looking at form and structure using paired back details and often a restricted palette.

    Jenny Ulyatt

    Jenny is a contemporary watercolour artist. She is inspired by the British landscape, especially the North East, Yorkshire and the Isles of Scilly. Her paintings are full of  movement, colour and energy, making the most of watercolours translucent pigments and

    Jessie Woodgate

    Jessie paints in oil and watercolour. She focuses her lens on ‘urban life’ and creates paintings that illustrate the city as a living, breathing thing by exploring its buildings, streets and people.She was pre-selected for RA Summer Exhibition 2019 and

    Jo Charlton

    Jo is a self taught artist, living in Paris. Jo started her series of trees due to her love of nature. Trees are our life blood, vital to our survival and the oxygen we breathe. Focusing of their beauty using
    Paris, France

    Jo Ellis

    Inspired by her travelling and living around the world and her love for old cities and rural landscapes.  Mixed media artist Jo Ellis likes mixing both contemporary and traditional methods and styles, combining  drawing, painting and collage often results in

    Jo Garlick Art

    Jo is fascinated by all elements of the natural world, especially wildlife. She works predominantly in soft pastels and loves the versatility and immediacy of the medium, using it to create characterful pictures of British wildlife and a broad spectrum
    Lizard House Farm

    Jo Louca

    Painter in oil and watercolour, concentrating on the elemental power of light and atmosphere, celebrating the sublime beauty of life itself. Frequently the initial inspiration for paintings comes simply from gazing up at a light filled canopy, the magical effect
    Woking, Surrey, United Kingdom

    Jo Mitchell Long

    Jo works mainly in Acrylics, as the fast-drying medium lends itself well to Jo’s abstract gestural paintings. Jo has a great love of nature and human psychology, with an interest in emotion, motivation, love and communication. Jo’s background in graphic
    54 Littleheath Lane
    07801 368559

    Jo Willis

    Jo Willis is an oil painter based in West Sussex. Her contemporary canvases cover a wide range of subjects from beaches to woodlands and trees, and her life studies, largely of people, exhibit a graphic quality focusing on tone and

    Jocelyn Horsfall

    A fine art photographer, specialising in painterly and impressionistic images inspired by flowers and nature, creating wall art with a fluid, organic feel and a sense of harmony and well-being. An Associate of the Royal Photographic Society and award winner

    John Afflick

    Contemporary painter reinventing the Art of Craftsmanship.

    John Dalmedo

    I am a visual artist based in St. Albans, originally from Gibraltar. My artwork references both personal and collective memories and my paintings focus primarily on human and animal forms. I hope to create pictorial landscapes where personal truths can

    John O'Neill

    A UK based painter working in Norway. Often painting outdoors in extreme weather or in his Stavanger studio, using oil, watercolour, gouache and other media to capture the wild atmosphere of the Norwegian landscape. John has sold work worldwide and

    John Ryan

    Captures an all embracing vision of the majestic Scottish landscape with a comprehensive range of elegantly framed vibrant oil paintings.


    Johnman is a renowned urban artist residing in Hertfordshire. Using spray paint and intricately hand-cut stencils, he is known for his romantic designs on train tickets alongside vibrantly coloured works on canvas. He has street art works in the UK

    Jon Young Art

    I am a contemporary artist, living in rural Shropshire. I paint people and places in a bold colourist style. Colour and composition are what it's all about for me. I try to share some of the beauty I see around

    Jonathan Newey Fine Art

    Jonathan Newey is an award winning artist who lives and works in Reading. His work is an exploration of colour relationships and how they interact when poured on to a smooth board or canvas. He experiments with different colour densities