The cost of displaying your works online with Contemporary Art Fairs ranges from free to a few £’s per month, depending on the plan you choose. However, we charge commission for sales made through our website, depending on the plan you have subscribed to. Please check here for our commission structure.

We also collect UK VAT at the rate of 20% of the value of commission, if applicable. Please see “How Does VAT Work For Sales?

Below is an example based on a sale valued at £100 with 33% commission and shipping costs of £15:

Transaction detailsNot subject to UK VATUK VATSubject to UK VAT
Shipping£ 15.00£ 15.00
33.00% commission£  -33.00£-6.60£-39.60
Total payments£115.00£115.00
Total commission£ -33.00£-6.60£-39.60

You receive

£ 82.00