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We have more EXCITING NEWS!

It is with great pleasure and more than a little excitement that we announce the launch of another art fair, this one to take place in Newbury, Berkshire.

The impressive venue of Newbury Racecourse gives us the opportunity to stage an additional prestigious arts event, and whilst being close enough to service our existing Reading audience, it also offers the opportunity to target a new affluent catchment area.  Therefore, CONTEMPORARY ART FAIRS – READING no longer needs to take place.

On the back of the ever-expanding success of WINDSOR and SURREY Contemporary Art Fairs we are thrilled to be able to offer you this third option within the Windsor Events family of fairs.We say family as that is what it feels like through offering a nurtured, supportive experience for all our exhibitors from pre-booking right through to the fair period itself.

An Art Fair for Artists and Galleries


Exhibitor Information Pack


The INAUGRAL CONTEMPORARY ART FAIRS – NEWBURY will be held at the Dubai Duty Free Grandstand, Newbury Racecourse, Newbury RG14 7PN 

Friday 10 – Sunday 12 May 2019

A very warm welcome to the exhibitor details.

We are pleased to present all the information you should need to book a stand at next year’s fair. We hope to see many of our old friends as well as welcoming new exhibitors – both galleries, groups and independent artists.This third event is being planned, organised and run in a very similar way to its big sisters, WINDSOR and SURREY, offering you a stress-free and positive way to promote and sell your work to art buyers, galleries and businesses.With 124 stands it is roughly the same size as our existing fairs and we will be using the same great stand contractor and helpful electrical suppliers.

Newbury Racecourse is an ideal venue with extensive brown signage, free parking and is just ten minutes drive from the M4.  The Racecourse site is a village in itself with some 3000 properties overlooking the course, many of which are newly completed and most likely in need of art! The Dubai Grandstand building offers a bright, airy, huge room with high ceilings and easy access at ground floor level and there is further exhibition space on the first floor along with a much wider range of catering to encourage visitors to stay longer and enjoy a satisfying day out.

The Newbury area is surrounded by affluent small towns like Thatcham and Chievely with Reading, Basingstoke and Marlborough just a short drive away.

The month of May sees The West Berkshire Open Studios and The Newbury Festival (music) which will add to making Newbury a real destination for art and culture.  We will be working closely with both these organisations to bring as many art lovers to the area as possible.

Map of the area

CONTEMPORARY ART FAIRS – NEWBURY will be a platform for selling curated, superior 2d and 3d artwork from established artists, galleries and up and coming talent.  It offers art buyers and enthusiasts a stunning choice in range and price to start or add to their collections; it offers artists the opportunity to exhibit and sell work in a professional and well-marketed event on quality exhibition stands with adjustable lighting.  We endeavour to showcase an inspiring mix of artists sourced from the UK, Europe and further afield with the range of media as broad and stimulating as possible.

For those just starting out there are stands available from 2.5 linear metres with a huge variety of options up to 10 linear metres. Some stands offer deeper exhibiting space with others being shallow with long back walls. The choice is huge.

As well as meeting retail customers, the acclaimed reputation of our fairs has meant that they attract trade buyers, and this is just one group we will continue to target. The feedback from our events has told us how much you value the opportunity to network and exchange ideas. If you are new to our fairs you will find lots of helpful support from fellow artists.

Also visit our Facebook page and Facebook group for valuable marketing advice.  This is an exclusive group for current and past exhibitors and is an invaluable advice centre offered by us to our loyal customers.

The video below (filmed at Windsor) gives a snapshot of what to expect.  (copy and paste)

Fair Details

Fair opening times:

  •  Friday 10 May 6.00pm –9.00pm: Private View by invitation or ticket                                                                                                                                           Saturday 11 May 10am – 6pm open to the public                                                                                                                                                                         Sunday 12 May 10am – 5pm open to the public

Fair entry price:

  • £9.00 or £8.00 for concessions.                                                                                                                                                                                                          Children 5-16 £1 Under 5 free.                                                                                                                                                                                                            Advance tickets £7.00 or £6.00 for concessions.

Stand details

Each stand is constructed from gallery quality panels in a range of multiples between 2.5 and 10 linear metres.Panels are 2.75m in height on the ground floor and 2.45m in the first floor, painted white, 5cm thick hollow ply.Screws or mirror plates are to be used for hanging artwork. Please do not use nails as hammering can dislodge artwork on the other side.We suggest bringing a bradawl and screwdriver/drill and 30-40mm long screws. The panels will support reasonable hanging weight but if your artwork is particularly heavy please bring suitable fixings.The stand contractors are on site during hanging to assist if necessary.

Please note that all stand sizes are approximate due to the shell-scheme construction and sizes marked on the layout and price list are rounded up to the nearest half metre/metre.  Therefore, please allow more than a 1m panel to display a metre canvas. 

Stand costs are for the whole event.  See the stand price list.We do not charge commission on sales, once you have paid for your stand rental, full sale values are yours unless you use our credit card facility.

Lighting system used – LED adjustable spots.  A sufficient number of lights are allocated to each stand and are included in the stand price, but more are available on request.

Each stand space consists of a multiple of 1m panels in three price bands depending on the stand position.

Standard £158.33 plus vat = £190 per 1m panel

e.g. a 1x2x1m stand being four 1m panels costs £760 inc vat.

Premium £170.83 plus vat = £205 per 1m panel

First floor £129.16 plus vat = £155 per 1m panel

These prices are in line with those of WINDSOR and SURREY.

See individual stand prices and layout in additional links.

Included in stand price:                                                                                     

  • Fully erected exhibition stands – 2.75m ground floor, 2.45m first floor
  • Adjustable spot lights – number appropriate to stand size (Additional lights available @ £70 inc – see extras section in booking form)
  • Exhibitor name and stand number on fascia board
  • Exhibitor lanyard badges and car passes
  • Image and contact details entry in art fair show guide (free to visitors)
  • Show guide available on-line pre-and post-event
  • Entry onto art fair website with link to exhibitors’ website where applicable
  • Extensive media promotion and advertising campaign
  • 20 private view hard copy tickets and access to e-version to convivial private view with live music
  • Pack of promotional material – leaflets, posters, 2for1 ticket and complimentary tickets.
  • E-version of leaflet, PV invite, 2for1 and poster to email out
  • Exhibitor wine vouchers for private view
  • Complimentary manned wrapping service for sold goods, includes materials
  • Support and advice from very visible organisers throughout
  • Advice and marketing tips from social media specialist on Art Fair Artrepreneur Time Facebook Group
  • Promotion on social media
  • Proof of purchase slips
  • Credit Card Facility (charged at 10%)

Booking a stand, paperwork and payment details 

  • If you have not exhibited with us before, please submit three images by email and supply your website details to be considered by the panel.
  • We will endeavour to let you know within a week if your submission is successful and you can then apply for a stand.
  • There is no deadline as such and if your application has been approved the stand allocation is on a first come first served basis.
  • Booking forms should be completed and returned with a £200 deposit cheque or bacs payment or you can call us with credit card details.
  • Please indicate your first, second and third choice of position. You are welcome to ring us and verbally reserve a stand pending sending in your forms. However, if confirmation of the booking is not received within two weeks, the stand will be released.
  • Please return both parts of the booking form. By signing it you are accepting the event terms and conditions.
  • Artists who wish to share a stand must each supply images for approval. Stands can only be shared where each exhibitor has a minimum of two panels.
  • If you are a gallery, please list artists to be exhibited on the booking form.
  • All exhibitors should email three images and a 50-word biography for the website at time of booking.
  • Once a booking is confirmed, you will receive a receipt for your deposit, confirmation of stand position and a sales order with instalment plan.
  • Invoices will be emailed two weeks before the instalment due dates to prompt payment.
  • First instalment is due by 30 November 2018 (stand cost, less £200 deposit divided by 2)
  • Second instalment is due by 28 February 2019 (stand cost, less £200 deposit divided by 2)
  • If you are booking after these dates alternative instalment dates will be offered.
  • Please note the £200 deposit is non-refundable.
  • An early response will help secure your preferred choice of stand.
  • We would be grateful if payments could be made on time.
  • Failure to make payment within a reasonable timescale will result in the cancellation of the stand booking. Cancellation charges will apply should this be the case.
  • Exhibitors wishing to pay by bank transfer will be responsible for any bank charges.

Bank Details:

A/c Name: Windsor Events Ltd

A/c No. 88806545 Sort Code: 60-24-12

Please email confirmation a payment has been made using your name and event as a reference..

Other Important Information

Prints, Photographic Prints and Giclees:

Original limited edition prints from printmakers are most welcome. We are fully aware that in this economic climate many artists now produce high quality giclee prints of some of their work to promote sales and we will allow a limited number of these where the edition size does not exceed 100. Photographic artwork edition size should not exceed 100. The majority of framed work hanging should be original.  A browser is useful for prints. If in doubt, please contact us.

Presentation of Artwork:

All hanging artwork should be either framed or a stretched canvas.  Hanging mounted work is not acceptable – use a browser.  Please label and price all artwork in a tidy, uniform way. Although most of your stock should be hung, a limited amount of artwork can be stacked on the floor. The phrase ‘less is more’ has a place in hanging a successful stand and if in doubt hang with as much white space between each piece as possible to get the best response to your artwork.

Exhibitor Approval:

If you have not exhibited with us before, please submit at least three images and supply us with you web details for the panel to assess if the fair is right for you. The aim is to retain a high calibre of art from many disciplines.  Once an application has been approved you are welcome to book a stand.  We endeavour to get back to you within a week of your application being made.

Images for the website or application:

Any images you email to us should ideally be a minimum of 400 pixels wide and in jpeg form.  All we want to see is the image so no frames or background please. If we want to use one of your images in promotional literature, we will contact you for a high res version.Images supplied for approval and website entry will be deemed available for use by Windsor Events Ltd across all forms of social media and publicity unless informed otherwise.


Exhibitors are responsible for insuring all their own artwork, fixtures and fittings for the duration of the fair.  Exhibitors must also have events public liability insurance of not less than £2 million.  A copy of the PL insurance policy must be available and will be required by the organisers by 28 February 2019.

We suggest joining the Artists’ Network which is an organisation that supports the visual arts and includes public liability/general insurance cover.          

Please contact us if you need further information about this.

Electrical equipment:

Please make sure any electrical equipment you bring is PAT tested.  If our electricians spot something they are unsure about they are able to PAT test on the spot.


The building is securely locked overnight with security staff on site. Sculpture Garden exhibitors will need to move portable sculpture artwork inside the reception building overnight.


Exhibitor and visitor car parking is free of charge all weekend.

The exhibitor parking area is well sign posted and next to the exhibition hall with very easy access into the building. This exhibitor parking area is separate from the public car park which makes it secure for using your car as storage. Don’t forget to bring a trolley.

Set Up:

9am – 4.30pm on Friday 10 May.

  • Exhibitor access will be signed from the car park.
  • The Coffee Yard in the main building will be open for tea, coffee, drinks and light lunches all day.
  • The main exhibition area is largely on ground floor level with another 25 stands and the more extensive catering on the first floor.  There are three large lifts and stairs to the first floor.
  • Stands must be ready and free of packing materials etc. by 4.30pm on Friday afternoon for the Private View at 6.00pm.
  • Stand panels are painted white 5cm thick hollow ply and screws or mirror plates are to be used NOT nails for hanging artwork.  We suggest you bring a bradawl, screwdriver/drill and stepladder. 30-40mm screws are recommended.  The panels will support reasonable hanging weight but if your artwork is particularly heavy please bring suitable fixings. Stand contractors are on site during set up to assist if necessary. Name boards are supplied.
  • It is the responsibility of exhibitors to place or hang their own work.
  • Browsers are permitted but any stand furniture should stay within stand boundaries.
  • All artwork must be for sale and be clearly priced for both your benefit and potential buyers.
  • Stands should be manned at all times but please be aware of over manning as this may block both your own artwork and that of neighbouring stands.

Take Down:

Exhibitors may only start to dismantle their stands once the fair has closed at 5pm on Sunday.  The visitor numbers will probably have thinned by then but there may well be serious art buyers still enjoying the fair so we ask you to allow the event to close before starting to pack up or move boxes. Failure to do this is in breach of our health and safety policy and is also basic good manners. Please remember to remove all screws from your stand panels as the stand contractor will charge for stands left with screws still attached.

Private View Evening:

Friday 10 May from 6.00pm-9.00pm.  Exhibitors will be supplied with 20 free double invitations for the PV evening and drinks vouchers for themselves.  An ‘e’ version will also be available to forward to clients.

 Credit Card Facility:

We offer a credit card facility to those exhibitors without their own terminal.  Sales are made though our merchant number with your customer. You receive a record of the transaction and once the money has cleared we arrange a bank transfer less 10% commission/charges into your account. We have had to raise the percentage charge from 6% – 10% as so few artists are now using the facility. We would recommend finding out about taking card payments yourself.  This has become much easier over the past few years and is a cheaper option than using us.


We are delighted to be working again with The Prince’s Trust to raise funds and awareness of their work with young people. At each or our art fairs over the last fourteen years we have organised a miniature canvas sale with proceeds going to The Trust and in that time, have raised well over £60,000 which is amazing.  We are enormously grateful to all those artists who contribute.  The formula of asking exhibiting artists to donate a canvas or small piece of work has worked so well so we thought we’d continue and hope you will want to be part of this on-going art fest. The sale generates much interest with the public, promotes the contributors as well as being hugely beneficial to the Trust.

During the run up to the fair we ask all exhibitors and other budding artists if they would be kind enough to produce and donate a miniature canvas. Please can I point out how grateful The Trust is for contributions but state that this is in no way obligatory. Artists are asked to sign their contribution encouraging buyers to find them on their stands and buy more.  We will label each canvas with artists’ details and stand numbers.

Canvases are supplied through us by Loxley and additional canvases are available if you are feeling generous.These will be hung on a separate stand and sold for a minimum of £45 each. All proceeds go to The Prince’s Trust.  Some artists have preferred to donate something small from their stock which is much appreciated in these tight times.Canvases will be sent out to you in the same mailing as the promotional material in February.


To promote the interactive aspect to the fair, workshops will be organised to encourage visitors to get involved and so begin to appreciate the skill of those exhibiting.  The workshops will include a range of activities including drawing, printmaking, crafts and painting classes.Pitched at both adults and children, these creative sessions encourage family attendance so bring a more extensive audience to the fair.

Live Art Theatre:

If you are one of those brave artists who loves an audience, we are staging the Live Art Theatre on the first floor next to the workshop area.  You are welcome to book a one-hour space on either the Saturday or Sunday to demonstrate your skills and illustrate how you go about creating beautiful artwork.  Alternatively, you can run more interactive impromptu workshops to get your audience involved. There is no charge to use the demonstration area. We would encourage you to brand the live art area with your own artwork to encourage watchers to your main stand to see more of your work.  Let me know if I should reserve a slot for you.


The promotional program begins eight months prior to the fair and builds steadily towards May to gain the optimum exposure and includes:

  • Local and national magazines, arts press and newspapers – advertising and editorial.
  • Promotion from our chosen media sponsor.
  • On line and extensive social media
  • Promotional advice and tips from our in-house social media guru, Melanie Gow.
  • Coverage on local radio.
  • Listings on relevant websites with links where appropriate.
  • Leaflet distribution to c.100,000 ABC1 residents, organisations and relevant venues further afield.
  • Private View invites and e-invites to more than 6000 selected guests.
  • A comprehensive road sign campaign will be booked to include high profile street banners/signage and posters.
  • Train station poster campaign.
  • 2for1 ticket offers are distributed to companies, groups and arts organisations.
  • Targeted mailing to our data base of buyers and previous visitors.
  • Targeted mailing to trade buyers, arts professionals, local VIPs and businesses.


All exhibitors are listed on the fair website when they book, and a link will be provided to their own site.  A reciprocal link would be appreciated.  We would welcome the opportunity of using any newsworthy exhibitor stories throughout the campaign, so please keep us posted.

Show Guide:

A 20-page full colour, glossy show guide will be published for the event illustrating exhibiting artists’ work.  Select one of your supplied website images for entry into the guide.  This entry is part of your stand price.There are advertising opportunities for ¼ and ½ pages to promote yourself further and more details about that will follow.


There is a well-stocked café, The Coffee Yard, on the ground floor serving hot and cold drinks and some sandwich type refreshments. A much more comprehensive range of food options and licenced bar can be found on the first floor with plenty of seating looking out over the racecourse. Outdoor catering and seating will also be available weather permitting.

Another option is the onsite hotel that has a Lodge Bar open to the public from 7am to 11pm daily serving hot food and drink


The Racecourse has a very comfortable 36 room onsite hotel, The Lodge, which is so convenient (just three minutes walk) and good value for money. we have a group booking rate of £85 double, £75 single.  Just mention that you are exhibiting at the fair to get this price.

Premier Inn –

Hotelscan for other suggestions –

If you have any queries, please do contact us either by phone or email.


We look forward to hearing from you.


Sarah McAllister and Deborah James


01753 591892


26 Eton Road, Datchet, Berks SL3 9AY (Deborah) (Sarah)

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