Ascension II – Lost In Translation

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Mixed Media on Metal (presented in Upcycled Found Frame)

Size: 444mm x 876mm


Kushag is a multi-disciplinary artist working with photo montage, digital and moving image - alongside experiments with recycled scrap materials and chemical alterations. His practise explores fluid, free-association processes, where one thing evolves into another without separation, all co-existing simultaneously. Whether that be objects, emotions, memories, time, desires or identities, they all merge into a beautiful and chaotic cacophony that perpetually recreates itself into something else. Never sitting still, always in motion. His art expresses this ideology with a spontaneous mesh of random starting points and streams of consciousness, that pull the works to their own intimate conclusions in a frenzy of visual and symbolic ideas.


This work was loosely influenced by Japanese Kakejiku paintings (hanging scrolls) as a starting point for the dimensions and the impact the distinct visual language that style of work creates, driving forward thoughts of sparse colours, simplicity and strong drawing lines, among other things such as Ikebana (a style of flower arranging) and ether.

It has been made by applying chemical patinas on the metal to create an ever-evolving oxidising background texture, that’s been coated with car varnish. The foreground of the image has then been created with a series of digitally manipulated photographs, which have been printed directly onto the surface in several separate layers and then coated again in varnish. Finally, in a remarkable coincidence, two old damaged frames whose groves fit the style of the imagery perfectly were found in a vacant office space and then redecorated and repurposed to put the finishing touch on this (and its pair of) artworks.

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