(The Devil’s) Beyond (the detail)

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Oak tree.

Part of my “Bole” series.

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Amanda Bates

Amanda's lively work reflects the characters and stories manifest in her subject. Her current focus is on trees, with an emphasis on arboreal interaction with their surroundings and with people. Her exquisitely detailed pen and ink style is reminiscent of classic fairy tale illustrations, with a counterpoint of modern realism. 



A close-up view of the trunk of an ancient oak tree in Bradgate Park, Leicestershire. I deliberately varied the amount of detail across the piece to add interest. I also emphasised the colours that I found in the original subject.

The title comes from a discerned resemblance of the dark red hollow on the left to Lucifer,  with his horns and beard, and the saying the “the devil is in the detail”. This devil seemed to me to be behind the detail, or beyond it.

Drawn in pigment ink on board, varnished and framed in a handmade frame.

Board dimensions: 14″ x 11″

Part of my “Bole” series

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20.32 cm


20.32 cm


0.01 cm

Frame Colour


Frame Height

24 cm

Frame Width

24 cm

Frame Depth

3 cm


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