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Beautiful ethereal skycape inspired by the beautiful clouds seen in Renaissance and Baroque paintings

50 x 50 cm’s Box Canvas  depth 43 mm ready to hang.

Sue Munson - Clouds

Susan’s work is inspired by the faded grandeur of ancient Italian buildings, and the billowing skies depicted in Renaissance and Baroque Paintings
The layers of peeling, fractured walls, and washed out colour recall a time and beauty that once was, when beautiful paintings graced the walls of churches, and domestic dwellings. Her contemporary interpretation of these old frescoes is revealed in her paintings some of which are distressed, suggesting another time, another place. Hints of gold and bronze and sometimes gold lettering can be found within the paintings.

Susan has exhibited in the U.K and USA. Her work has been included in major exhibitions, including three times in the much coveted Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.


Breath VIII


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