Central Reservation

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A hornbeam in disguise as a rhinocerous.

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Amanda Bates

Amanda's lively work reflects the characters and stories manifest in her subject. Her current focus is on trees, with an emphasis on arboreal interaction with their surroundings and with people. Her exquisitely detailed pen and ink style is reminiscent of classic fairy tale illustrations, with a counterpoint of modern realism. 



Hornbeams are great character actors. This one seems to think it’s a rhinocerous, glowering at us from its territory in the centre of a divided path.

In the background, you can see the most leaniest hornbeam in the woods, just in front of a massive den of sticks. Most of the other trees are not hornbeam – there’s a lot of sycamore and a smattering of oak, ash and holly. Silver birch, a close relative of hornbeam, grow in these woods as well.

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