Little Bird, Mandala

by Kushag 0 orders


Mixed Media on Glass (presented in Recycled Found Object)

Size: 540mm x 316mm


Kushag is a multi-disciplinary artist working with photo montage, digital and moving image - alongside experiments with recycled scrap materials and chemical alterations. His practise explores fluid, free-association processes, where one thing evolves into another without separation, all co-existing simultaneously. Whether that be objects, emotions, memories, time, desires or identities, they all merge into a beautiful and chaotic cacophony that perpetually recreates itself into something else. Never sitting still, always in motion. His art expresses this ideology with a spontaneous mesh of random starting points and streams of consciousness, that pull the works to their own intimate conclusions in a frenzy of visual and symbolic ideas.


Freeing, liberating, euphoric, luscious, orgasmic and so sensual…just some of the words that have been used to describe this work. Made by merging a series of photographs together, reverse printing on glass in numerous layers and then juxtaposing the piece into a found metal tray for a distinct and original finish.


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