by Ancel Gallery


Artist: Sabrina Choi


Acrylic on canvas

100cm x 100cm

Ancel Gallery

Ancel is an online gallery based in London that supports and collaborates with emerging international artists. Our main goal is to reinvent the approach to discovering and collecting contemporary art by making new and exciting works available to a wider audience.


Nuison; a slang that was widely used in the Cantonese community to describe the perfect type of woman that Asian men tend to be attracted to; commonly used in social media platforms to show attraction to one’s features.

In this work Sabrina explore the world of social media usage and Asian beauty standards; where women are expected to be skinny yet “chubby in the right places” and has to be bright, pure, and lovable. She also dug deep into her struggles in balancing between feminism and self-love, which was something that has been heavily influenced by western education, asian ethical issues and the open-mindedness of western culture.


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