Peonies Rampage


Still life with peonies in a jar on an 19th century style cabinet

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Elena Peresvetova Fine Art

Elena Peresvetova is an artist who incorporates in her art her passion for impressionistic painting and contemporary conceptual thinking, exploring the ideas of traditionalism in the contemporary art world. Her vivid still lifes seem to jump to life through nothing but simple oils. Find her on Instagram @Elena.Peresvetova.Fine.Art and discover more on


This artwork represents the aesthetic of flowers and the emotional impact they have on our lives, exploring Elena’s key interests in art: the technical, skilful representations as per the impressionistic traditions of the 19th century, and the modern abstract visions, where everyday objects are transmuted into different forms.

The work is full of happiness and joy bringing the audience familiar and reimagined aesthetics and encouraging them to revisit the image, time and time again.

Image size: 44×35 cm
This artwork is framed and ready to hang. Size with the frame: approx.55×45 cm

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