September Sun and Hedgerow

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Modern impressionistic landscape painting. 60x60cm

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Sandy Dooley

St Martin’s trained Sandy is a modern impressionist artist. She works and lives in rural Kent and is inspired by her environment. She chases light and vibrancy in her work, which is both figurative and abstracted. Sandy’s work is in collections in the UK, USA, Australia, Hong Kong, China and Europe.


“This painting is inspired by Sandy’s love of colour, and combining colour, and impressions from the slightly pale sun that typifies September, this is the third in her September Sun series.
Sandy uses beautiful quality acrylic paints, mostly Golden acrylic, and Lascaux, and a large variety of brushes and palette knives, to drip, wash, smudge and paint the surface of the canvas, to create a rich and varied painting.
This 60x60cm landscape painting is unframed. It has white painted edges, and is strung with picture cord”


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