The Dreamer

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Ash and holly make shapes together on the cliff-like side of a sunken lane in East Hampshire.

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Amanda Bates

Amanda's lively work reflects the characters and stories manifest in her subject. Her current focus is on trees, with an emphasis on arboreal interaction with their surroundings and with people. Her exquisitely detailed pen and ink style is reminiscent of classic fairy tale illustrations, with a counterpoint of modern realism. 



The title alludes both to the illusory figure of a sleepy dog created by the combined shapes of the trees, and to the figments of a dream that appear to surround it. These figments of imagination are caused by an effect called “pareidolia”, which allows us to quickly recognise faces or patterns – even when they aren’t really there…

The Dreamer was selected for the SWA Open 2021

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40.64 cm


30.48 cm


0.3 cm

Frame Colour


Frame Height

34 cm

Frame Width

44 cm

Frame Depth

3 cm


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