Walking to the Village Green

by Caroline Walsh-Waring 0 orders


Inspired from seeing the beautiful dhalias in the gardens at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire.  Whilst painting I began to think about all the little insects that must live amongst the plants.

Caroline Walsh-Waring

Based in Frome, surrealist painter, Caroline Walsh-Waring has developed her own unique style through constant practice and allowing herself to be inspired by everyday things.  Her obsession for drawing as a child she carried through school, Art School, and work; finally undertaking further training whilst working in London and participating in courses in Europe.

Oil on Canvas is her main medium; she also produces images with watercolour, pen and pencil as the mood takes her, resulting in a spontaneous variety of pieces.
She has completed many commissions, sells work on a regular basis and in 2021 was included in the VAA International Online Exhibition Curators Choice Awards.  She is also a finalist in the VAA Professional Artist Awards 2022.  She exhibits in several galleries and sells internationally.

For much more information please see her website, just google her name.


Oil on Canvas, Framed. 36 x 25 cm


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