Convert website visitors into buyers by following our vendor guidelines for a great shopping experience for Contemporary Art Fairs users.

Maintain Your Store

  • Only upload available artworks or signed, numbered and limited edition prints to your Contemporary Art Fairs store.
  • Make sure that all listing details accurately describe the materials and dimensions of your artwork.
  • Upload 1-2 photographs for the best display of your artwork. All photographs should provide a clear view of the artwork.
  • Keep your shipping profiles up-to-date with accurate quotes. Include duty where applicable and ship with a reputable courier.
  • Don’t list artworks which violate the intellectual property of others.
  • Keep your prices on Contemporary Art Fairs consistent with other outlets where your work is sold. 
  • If you sell an artwork listed on Contemporary Art Fairs via another channel, please update your listing as soon as possible.


  • Ship artworks within your stated schedule.
  • Keep your customer informed of shipping or any delays. 
  • Contact us immediately if you are unable to fulfill an order, to ensure the customer receives a refund.
  • Ship all artworks via a reputable tracked courier.
  • Ensure that your artworks are packaged robustly for transit. Please see our Packaging and Delivery Guidelines for more information.

The Contemporary Art Fairs Community

  • Please make your communications with Customers courteous and free from offensive or abusive content.
  • Keep all communications relevant and do not use the Contemporary Art Fairs  messaging system or forums for promotional activity.
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